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I think this would be a useful feature to have.

Do you use 2 printers for 2 stations? Or you print tax receipt for the second...(more)

Thank you that worked.  The logo is now printing on my receipt but at the moment it is aligned left. Is there a code change you may...(more)

"You can make a positive out of most any negative if you work at it hard enough."

When Sam Walton lost his first...(more)

Now it is possible with the Advanced Inventory add-on. You can create transfer...(more)

According to the US Market Research Report in 2017 pawn shop industry revenue has $6 billion. But for several years it fell by 2.4% compared...(more)

as for as I know, the epson printers have the same protol. It is mean that any epson printer could be used by loyverse.