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Wonderful update.

please also include ability to print Customer Name and Loyalty Points Balance in Receipt same as in...(more)

thx! hard to locate bluetooth version in HK

you need a tablet with android 4.3 and up

Download KDS<...(more)

I second this. Discounts for multibuy items are pretty much unworkable for us at the moment. I've had to set up an "other"...(more)

We currently offer a physical card which is stamped every time a customer buys a coffee. After they have bought 10 coffee's they get the 11th...(more)

The date format changes depending on locale which set on POS device. It will be changing according to country standards. If you need to...(more)

For this case, you need to create a new item Vodka 50ml and make it as a composite item, which consists of 2 x Vodka 25ml. And the stock will...(more) uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok