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Loyverse POS 2.0 stable version for Android was released. Thanks all for your help in beta testing.

I am thinking the same, currently I am using IPAD, however its still ok for small kitchen, bu we tried to use Ipad Extension cable for...(more)

The primary procedures to setup printer are

1. in Your bluetooth printer, make sure your printer is recommended one or generic...(more)

In which cases will the discount for certain items be included? Or do you want to be able to choose one of the two prices of a particular...(more)

+1 for this. Being able to customise the labels would be fantastic because the standard ones are not ideal.

We are a salon and often we have customers who have longer than usual hair length and we might need to chargr extra for these. Modifiers help us...(more)

I need this feature. Seeing a lot on credit and it would make my life a lot easier, but I can not switch to LOYVERSE while this function is...(more)

To answer your question:

Question 1: When a customer makes a deposit. If users are using the Loyalty feature then when a customer...(more)

I always breathe a little sigh of relief when one of my customers says they do have an email address to receive the receipt. However, many...(more) uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok