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Purchase order -> auto-fill issue

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May I ask why my item does not appear in the auto-fill when doing a purchase order?

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Hello Maria!

Can you confirm that the item is in low stock or out of stock?

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Thanks for your response Hanna!

Yes, it is out of stock when I filter in the item’s list. As I understand, when the item is out of stock, it supposed to auto-fill the items that was out of stock or low stock, right?

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Yes, you're right, but there are certain factors that play a role in influencing this particular feature.

Let me break it down for you:

When you encounter issues with this feature, it's essential to consider various elements. The incoming stocks include items that are either expected, partially received, or in transit for the specific item causing concern.

The quantity field is determined by a default value, which is calculated using the following formula:

Quantity=Optimal stock−In stock−Incoming

Here's a quick explanation of the terms in the formula:

Optimal Stock: This is the value set as the optimal stock for the item in the selected store.

In Stock: Refers to the current stock of the item in the selected store.

Incoming: Signifies the quantity of items expected at the selected store, taking into account items not yet received in other purchase orders labeled as "Expected" or "Partially received," as well as transfer orders with the status "In transit."

For items where the 'Optimal Stock' is not specified, the 'Quantity' field will remain empty.


Can you please check if you have an incoming order for this item that you mentioned?

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Aha! I understand now.

Yes, I just double-checked, I have ‘in transit’ transaction on this item.

I think that solved my concern :)) Thank you Hanna!

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