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  2. Trying to implement a meal deal. Where I can choose two of my pizzas from the category and it combines an included garlic bread & 2 dips any help please thanks
  3. Hello. Unfortunately, it is not possible to print open tickets from the Back office.
  4. レシートを自動ではなく、欲しいお客様だけに手動で印刷するにはどうしたら良いのですか? 教えて頂けますか? 宜しくお願い申し上げます。
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  6. Hi, is there a report or a way to print open tickets from the backend?
  7. Hello is there a news about this option ?? Really its so important to us , Most of your Competitors added it , but we love loyverse.
  8. you can use a ready-made solution in the marketplace https://loyverse.com/marketplace
  9. Hi! To integrate with QuickBooks you can use the marketplace where you can find the required application. eg https://loyverse.com/marketplace/quickbooks-amaka Customise your preferred sales summary view choosing from a wide array of formats and capture all payment transactions including: tips, tax, refunds, loyalties and more. or https://loyverse.com/marketplace/quickbooks-online-onesaas QuickBooks Online by OneSaas will automatically: Share when a daily summary is made in Loyverse and create or update the sales invoice or receipt in QuickBooks Online M
  10. Hello. Taxes are applied only to items. It is not possible to apply or not to apply taxes to specific payment types.
  11. Hello. Unfortunately, there is no such information in the exported file at the Receipts report. You can check the report by payment type to see the amount by each for the selected period. If you need to check split payments, you can open the required receipt at the Back office.
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  13. Right now I just set up an EC Line thermal printer, Model: EC-PM-80360. At first couldn´t print a "test print" once I set "Other printer", then "Ethernet", then "IP addres" and going on and on. The main reason relies about the first three groups of numbers MUST MATCH, like: my router's IP and my printer's IP. They didn't match. So I look into the EC Line's website about some kind of setting software tool to change the printer's IP, and BOOM, I found this: https://www.eclinepos.com/Descargas/ControladoresZip/Impresoras/EC-PM-80360/Utility.zip. That utility software ena
  14. Hello. You can check this article: How to Accept Credit Cards with Loyverse POS and Smartpay
  15. Hi Isobe, Thank you for enabling the API`s for me. Thanks, Haris.
  16. is there any chance that loyverse can update it to have the option increasing the quantities in modifiers that will be a great thing for users and big plus point for Loyverse
  17. Hi there, Q1: I did not upgrade printer driver, just used the the default Q2: yes whatever subnet you choose, Ipad and printer should be in the same subnet to see each other. Strange that IPad cant access wifi after changing subnet, could be ip conflict, could be fixed ip has been set for ipad. Q3: there is an app from Epson to change the IP address of the printer. I dont remember but you should do research. Cheers,
  18. yes that's what i thought, and sorry to drag this on, do i make a key in the database? maybe if you feel like helping me further i can make you a user? i'm sure its just one setting somewhere cause it's not populating the database. if you send me a mail at hello a almost-summer.com
  19. @ilih ah yes, here is the structure of my Data store You need just 4 fields - Variant ID, In Stock, Store ID, Date Updated (the only important ones are Variant ID and In Stock.) You can find the Google sheet here: https://bit.ly/3dOaZZ7
  20. yes that would be good, but i suspect you have something setup in your data store or data structure that i'm missing cause its not passing in the in stock quantities:
  21. @ilih The Row number is gotten from the searched row endpoint and the In stock is gotten from the data store: Would you like to have a copy of my Google sheet template? Since I exported the Blueprint, some of the mapped points might be in line with my GSheet.
  22. Hello there, We display pricing information in BackOffice->integration tab. Best regards,
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