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  2. Under the captioned option they are 4 choices. I would like to see another option added call working stock. This option will mirror the loss option where stock is removed from the bulk stock. This option will facilitate the movement of stock from bilk stock to the working stock, so as to give a costing on a daily basis for all items move from bulk stock to working stock to facilitate the preparation of lunches. this feature will allow me to know my food cost daily through the generation of a report for all items moved into "working stock" on a daily basis.
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  4. Hi Everyone, is there a report I can generate with dining option information ie. number of dine-in orders, take out and delivery? Thank you
  5. Hi Andy Can you tell me how to run Loyverse-KDS-1.04.apk on the android TV? Thank you very much.
  6. Hi, Im looking to get a couple of ipads as a pos terminal, and I found that the minimum requirement is ios 9, which is available on the iPad 2. Being an older device, anyone here has any experience working with them? Will it be slow or trouble setting it up? Thanks!
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  8. Hi, any news about that? Are you working on it? Also what you think about api for integrate delivery system such as Gloriafood (free) or CloudWaitress? Thanks a lot
  9. Hello. Unfortunately, Loyverse does not have integrations with scales. But recently, we have added the functionality of scanning weight embedded barcodes.
  10. hi.. cant wait this feature available on android ... hi loyverse please hear it
  11. HI, A big problem for us : we urgently need loyalty points system to be activated individually on each store and not globally We face particularly the problem as we use SKUPlugs app to synchronise with woocommerce. We use internal points system in woocommerce and with order sync, loyverse points are also applied. A first step could be to provide app developpers a key/parameter to specfify no loyalty should be applied to incoming orders, better would be make loyalty activation separate for each store. thanks in advance Guillaume D
  12. It would be nice to have the possibility to get customer data out, filtered by phone_number. Like the way its made with email. https://developer.loyverse.com/docs/#tag/Customers/paths/~1customers/get
  13. Hello! Is Loyverse working on an integration with Doordash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats?
  14. Hello, I'm Yasuaki. You can see Sales by payment type report and get the amount of "credit orders" of the month. Configuring Payment Types in Loyverse POS
  15. Bonjour, Pour les ventes de la société BMK IMPORT EXPORT 97 situé au 101 rue Roland Garros à Saint Denis de la Réunion, je fais la demande suivante (en date du 14 Janvier 2021) : une attestation individuelle de conformité vis-a-vis de la NF525 OU un certificat de conformité à cette NF525. Par cette présente, je prouve à l’administration fiscale française que j’ai bien fait cette demande, ici, à l’éditeur de ce système de caisse enregistreuse afin d’être en parfaite régularisation auprès du Trésor Public Français. Cette demande est, via cette publication au sein du forum d
  16. Just like how our car’s dashboard gives us real-time data about how our car is performing, dashboard software collects data that can optimize business management and contribute to the overall success of the company. In just a glance, dashboard softwares helps merchants and business owners have a better grip of their business’ performance by creating data visualizations (charts, graphs, scales, etc) to evaluate their operations at any time. This will eventually help them have better forecasts for the future, mitigate risks and make informed and sound business decisions based on facts.
  17. Cómo imprimir directamente del Correo
  18. Thank you for sending file. It looks like you already have items with the same SKU as you use in the file. So those items have already handle in back office. It is the reason, why you receive such error message. We recommend you to use new SKU in the import file.
  19. import new items. just send the email as you advise. waiting for the reply
  20. I do not think that that is possible to do so. But if you want to make it easier for your kitchen staff to see which plates should have which dishes, you can try using Kitchen Display System (KDS) App. The order for your customers will display based on the open ticket and the items that you've added onto the ticket. So let's say you have a customer who ordered the same main dish but different side dishes for each of those customers. What I can suggest is that you can open the ticket of the first customer first, the KDS will display that order and for the second customer open the same ticket an
  21. Hello! Have you made any changes to the handle of the items in the file? Please send the file you are trying to import to help@loyverse.com. And explain the steps you took. For example, are you exporting, making changes to a file and importing a file, or are you trying to import new items?
  22. At Minunat, we provide POS, Kiosk and business solutions throughout Canada. Our focus is on retail stores and hospitality businesses, and we provide full solutions including hardware, installation, training and support. We are a proud partner of great industry brands like EPSON, STAR MICRONICS, ELO, SAMSUNG, and CITIZEN. Check out our website for our latest solutions and services.
  23. Hi, I would like to see the reports option expanded so I can run a Report by Suppliers rather then only by categories. I have a business where I take a merchandise from a few different vendors on consignment and I would like to get a sales report by each vendor on how much sales I did with their items so I know what to pay them. As of now I need to put my vendors into the Categories field so I should be able to run such report, however both fields are important and to be able to get a report by vendor and a report on the categories would be great.
  24. is posible to read a QR code to create the same recipe scanned with the tablet camera that is used for the Pos
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