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  3. Hola. Puede conectar solo impresoras Bluetooth que están en la lista de impresoras compatibles con la aplicación Loyverse POS en dispositivos iOS. Desafortunadamente, no puede usar la impresora que ha mencionado con iOS.
  4. Hello. Unfortunately, such option is currently unavailable. However, I would be happy to send it to our development team as a feature suggestion. We value our customer suggestions and take them into consideration in our development plan, however, please note that the suggestions may not be always implemented fully. You can also visit our Feature Request section and post your request there.
  5. Hello. It is not possible to refund an item without the receipt. If the customer that wants to return an item is a registered customer, you can view their purchase history in the app and find the receipt where they have bought this item. You can check this help article: Purchase History of a Registered Customer in the POS
  6. Hello, You can cancel receipts in your account in the Back Office. When you cancel a receipt, it will not be accounted for in the reports, and all items will be returned to stock. Please, check the tutorial for more details: How to Cancel Receipts
  7. Hola. Desafortunadamente, esta opción no está disponible actualmente. Sin embargo, me complacerá enviárselo a nuestro equipo de desarrollo como sugerencia de funciones. Valoramos las sugerencias de nuestros clientes y las tenemos en cuenta en nuestro plan de desarrollo; sin embargo, tenga en cuenta que es posible que las sugerencias no siempre se implementen por completo.
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  9. Hi, Can anyone help me integrate loyverse with cs-cart ? Cs-cart is a Russian ecommerce platform, it's rich and exploitable. Thank you in advance. Nabil Taleb
  10. Hello. Unfortunately there are no functionality in Loyverse that allows to conduct the credit sales.
  11. Hello. There is the report by taxes in the Back office. All taxes there are shown separately. However, you have to understand how the system calculates the taxes if there are a few taxes applied at the same time: How Taxes are Calculated
  12. Hello. Please, check the tutorial about Dining Options and How to Apply Taxes Depending on the Dining Options Unfortunately there is no separate reports about dining options at the Back office. But you can find this information in the receipts section of reports. The bes way is to export your receipts and then sort them by dining options.
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  14. ya he visto que no puede ser solo lo puedes aplicar al tiquet un saludo
  15. En hostelería pasa lo mismo hay muchas veces que el stock que tienes no es real y no te puedes fiar de el. seria muy buena opción de que el stock influyera en los tickets abiertos un saludo y muchas gracias
  16. Bonjour, on m'informe par mail que mon compte va être résilié le 25/07/2021 prochain. Aucune explication et je n'ai évidemment rien demandé. Sur le chat on me dit que j'aurai une réponse par mail mais rien ne vient et la date approche. Que faire ? J'ai mis ma question ici mais comme tout est en anglais je ne sais pas si c'est là qu'il faut qu'elle soit.
  17. i would love too have a roadmap :) Loyverse is a very good POS
  18. Buenos días Cuando quiero crear un descuento que sea de un % no tengo problema me sale en todos los productos con la opcion de la pestañita para activarlo, però si quiero realizar un descuento por cantidad no sale por ningú lado. ¿como podria crear un descuento de 4 euros por productos? estoy utilizando Android Muchas gracias
  19. I have a couple of instances where I've completed the sales transactions, but due to change of mind, customer no longer wants the item. They haven't handed over any cash but i need to do a refund to balance the till. The problem is that I now have a sale recorded and I now have a refund recorded, the sale is still recorded as a sale when it didn't actually take place. I would rather void the transaction so that the false sale is recorded in my overall sales figures.
  20. Lo que necesito saber es si se puede generar un recibo de pago parcial, por ejemplo al hacer un cobro de un 50% de anticipo y al dia siguente cubra el resto pero que el cierre de turno me registre el efectivo cobrado y haya un apartado en cuentas por cobrar o abono a una deuda de un cliente o proveedor.
  21. Hi Everyone, I'm odoo provider in Ecuador working with Odoo 14 EE, actually I'm looking for a Loyverse-Odoo integration , any progress on this topic from last year ? regards
  22. Now you can sync your Loyverse POS with Shopify! Create new products and inventory sync from Loyverse to Shopify. Also, send Shopify orders back to Loyverse and once the order is inserted this triggers a 2-way inventory sync back to the POS.
  23. This video will show you how to connect Loyverse POS to eSync for you eCommerce integration. Connect Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and multiple brick and mortar locations with eSync!
  24. This video will show you how to set up automatic sync from Loyverse to QuickBooks Online (QBO) in just a few minutes. It's that simple! Amaka offers a 100% free plan.
  25. Hello. Sure, you can use 3G to connect the device to the Internet. There are about 1-2KB of data per receipt transferring during syncs with the Back office.
  26. Hello. You can use the Loyverse POS app to make sales offline and creating open tickets. And all your offline sales will be synced with the Back office after connecting to the Internet. Just be careful and not sign out from the POS when it is offline. However, there will be no syncs of open tickets between POSes on different devices. It is because all syncs going through the clouds, and not be possible without the Internet. It means that you can close the open ticket only at the same POS that you have started the open ticket before. Please, also check the article: Offline Use of
  27. How can I add an employee without subscribing to the £4 per month fee. Its just access, don't need all the enhanced features such as rotas and time sheets etc. Thanks
  28. Hello. In order to use the track stock of composite item, you have to subscribe to the Advanced inventory functionality. If you do it, you will get the possibility to apply production. Please, check here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-work-production
  29. Hello. A4 printers will not work with Loyverse POS. Loyverse is designed to work only with receipt printers. It is possible to connect other models of printers: on Androids - Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, and iOS - only Ethernet. However, there is no guarantee that they will work. To be 100% sure - use the printers from the Supported printers list. Check also the discussion: https://loyverse.town/topic/160-where-i-can-find-a-list-of-all-printers-which-support-loyverse-pos-what-printer-do-you-use/
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