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  2. It’s late I’m tired and accidentally subscribed for the year! and paid on the wrong (old) account payment has already been taken. I’ve unsubscribed unsure if I will get full refund as not used. So I can move payment to correct account
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  4. Hello, please, sorry for translation errors. I would like to know if it is possible to install Loyverse APP in a POS terminal based on adroid 7 that incorporates thermal printer, and NFC readers .... for cards. I have purchased the POS terminal in Aliexpress, but unfortunately I cannot use LOYVERSE with the printer function, because it does not recognize it, since it is a printer that is directly connected to the motherboard, I think it is via serial port. The seller has sent me the SDK development package of the device to do programming, but I have no idea. The POS terminal comes with a demo
  5. I don’t think the current variant feature able to solve the issue and cater for 2 different price group , as there is no control over Retailer / Wholesaler Price in terms of quantity or customer price group. Staffs may simply give retailer based on wholesale pricing. Another weird thing that I found out with the item variants creation, if all my items have just 2 variants for 4 stores, I will see a total 8 stores for each items!
  6. ChrisS

    iOS for iPad

    Loyverse website says iOS 9 required. Bought a iPad with iOS 10. App Store says iOS 11 now required. Am I missing something? Can I get an earlier version of the app?
  7. Is there a way to increase or decrease the font size of the text in the receipts?
  8. Last week
  9. In the API every receipt has 2 dates: created_at - the date, when the receipt was received by our server. receipt_date - the date, when the receipt was created on the POS device. Accordingly when a POS device was offline for a long time, then the date of receipt_date and created_at can be different. Filters created_at_min and created_at_max in the API filtrate by date received a receipt in the server. In the Back Office, receipts are displayed by receipt_date, the date when they were created on the POS device. Also, another reason why the number of receipts differs for a specific
  10. Hello, at the moment we do not plan to expand Worldpay for other countries.
  11. retms

    what is it do it

  12. retms

    what is my live

  13. What is sales managments
  14. Hello there! When creating a variant, you are already able to select a specified price for each of the variants of the item. Then When you select that item during sales, there should be the choices for the variants together with price you have specified. To learn more about this feature, you can check out this guide provided through this link at https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-use-variants-items
  15. Its key function is automations of several business management points that would usually consume so much time, effort and resources when done manually. These automations include warehouse and inventory management, order picking and processing, and shipping and tracking. This system boosts efficiency, accuracy and reduces error from tedious, time-intensive tasks. You should consider getting an order fulfillment service if you want to save yourself the trouble of late shifts for packing and shipping products, orders going to the wrong address, and other unwanted circumstances of the likes.
  16. Do not get an order fulfillment service when: Your business has limited cash flow If you don’t have the funds available, you may need to do the packaging and shipping yourself. Your business is just too highly specialized There are chances that you won’t find a company that does exactly what you want. Most especially if your business has highly specialized and specific needs. Your business deals with a limited daily order volume Businesses with a limited daily order volume should stick with managing things on their own or with a few employees, to avoid losses.
  17. A fulfillment service is a third- party warehouse or software tool that prepares and ships orders for businesses that sell products and goods. It takes care of the process of storing products, packing orders and shipping goods to customers. Essentially, it involves everything operational and logistical that occurs behind the scenes from the time a customer places an order until they receive it. By outsourcing a fulfillment service company or using the aid of order fulfillment software, you are saved from the trouble of hiring more staff and expanding your in-house capabilities. The
  18. Green does not work for our business either. This should be very very simple to implement and very important to small businesses trying to build their brand. Noting your response was in 2018, do you have plans to add the colour customisation for the apps? All screens could easily take a Hex accent colour setting from the back office to brand POS, CDS and KDS (visible to customers in some locations).
  19. In the UK the only options are SumUp and iZettle. Whilst great for small traders with a simple set up and no subscription fees, neither are suitable for higher volume card transactions. Both options come with very high transaction charges which soon add up vs other merchant services. As integration with WorldPay is available in the US and to make Loyverse more attractive when comparing as a complete system, are there plans for WorldPay (or other providers) to be expanded to other countries such as the UK?
  20. Is there a training mode so that sales are not saved
  21. Hi! I have been using Loyverse for a year now, the truth is that it is a highly recommended solution. I have a restaurant and the place works perfectly for me, we have waiters who pick up orders with tablets, no problem. But we have an issue, it is the orders that are then sent by delivery. We have a couple of agents attending the WP, taking orders, going to the POS and then generating the ticket to send to the kitchen (for now personally since we have not managed to generate trust with the kitchen app). It would save a lot of time and money to be able to make customers order directly fro
  22. Hello, Do you mean you want to see in the receipt the total quantity of items you have added to the receipt? If this is what you mean: Unfortunately, such option is currently unavailable. However, I would be happy to send it to our development team as a feature suggestion. Even though we cannot implement it right now, but if we get similar suggestions from other users, we can consider implementing it in the future. You can also visit our Feature Request section and post your request there.
  23. I recently wrote other articles in relation to order fulfillment services: Best fulfillment service providers for small to medium businesses Best order fulfillment software for small to medium businesses
  24. The effectiveness of your order processing system is definitely a make or break factor for your business. If you’re managing a swiftly growing one and you just would like to save yourself the trouble of late shifts for packing and shipping products, orders going to the wrong address, and other unwanted circumstances of the likes, you should probably be considering integrating an order fulfillment software to help you win in this part of management. Order fulfillment software programs are tools used by expanding businesses to effectively manage their sales by efficiently fulfilling orders
  25. Mykool

    Smart pay

    Hi cannot conect smart pay as no payment types in the pos under settings payment types as per instructions c an any one help Thank you
  26. Bonjour, Pour les ventes de la société Tetm dont la pizzéria se situe sur la commune de Truchtersheim 67370 , je fais la demande suivante (en date du 15-04-2021) : - une attestation individuelle de conformité vis-a-vis de la NF525 OU un certificat de conformité à cette NF525. Par cette présente, je prouve à l’administration fiscale française que j’ai bien fait cette demande, ici, à l’éditeur de ce système de caisse enregistreuse afin d’être en parfaite régularisation auprès du Trésor Public Français. Cette demande, via cette publication au sein du forum de Loyverse admini
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