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    Early Access for Customers & Partners

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    The club for those who are learning and growing through sharing and helping others to succeed in the retail small business.

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    The club is created for retail small business owners to discuss what retail segments and business models are resistant in COVID-19 pandemic time. A lot of small businesses forced to close on quarantine. Only a few in retail were allowed to work officially. Let's learn together what we can do, and how to improve our business model does not appear again in a situation to be forced to close store operations on quarantine in the future.

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    The club for those who are seeking to become part of a journey to research, discover, verify, grow and build the next community, platform, and town of small business owners, experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and partners. Also for questions and answers about marketing. How to promote and advertise your business offline and online, which difficulties you encountered in your business. Specifics of marketing in various areas etc. You can also share your personal experiences.

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    Food is a universal and staple commodity. From supermarkets, grocery stores to restaurants, stalls and coffee shops, businessmen who are in the food industry go above and beyond in their efforts to bring quality products, assortments and services to meet their consumer needs. This club is for those in the food business to share ideas, collaborate and uplift one another to come with a wide range of ways to improve their business ways and performance.

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    The club of enthusiasts who are passionate about Fintech trends and services and on how to apply it for SME, through potential integration with the Loyverse POS & Inventory platform. As well as in recommending the fintech services, which can be beneficial for Loyverse customers and SMEs in general.

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    The club for those who know and do not know about M&A in retail. Not every small business owner is thinking about M&A at the beginning of its journey as an entrepreneur. However, we believe, that it's important to think, learn, share & prepare for M&A from the very beginning. This club is for a wide range of participants: Loyverse users, SME entrepreneurs, M&A experts, investors, franchise consultants, and service providers.

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