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    It would be really helpful, if there was a possibility to pay back bottle deposit. I can't give money back right now.
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    Can an e-commerce be connected?
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    yes https://loyverse.com/marketplace/woocommerce-woosa
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    From January 1, 2020, German companies will be obliged to upgrade all electronic cash registers with a technical security device (TSE). The TSE is designed to prevent tax evasion in cash transactions by tamper-proof recording of all cash transactions. Will Loyverse provide appropriate support for TSE, GoBD, KassenSichV?
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    On September 23, Loyverse released an API and App Marketplace that allow merchants to connect third-party apps to their Loyverse account. From now on, Loyverse users can easily integrate popular online accounting (Quickbooks, Xero, Sage), eCommerce (Woocommerce), marketing (Mailchimp and Constant Contact) and business workflow automation services (Zoho Flow, Integromat). We will continuously update the marketplace with new apps. Integrations will allow merchants to automate their processes and help run business more smoothly and efficiently. As a special offer for merchants to overcome pandemic (COVID-19) consequences, integration access is available for free until January 1, 2021 (additional fees may apply from app developers). There are two ways to connect third-party apps to Loyverse: 1) Connect apps from the marketplace by approving their access to your account; 2) Create a token in your Back Office that gives full access to your Loyverse account via API and manually provide it to third-party apps. To start using integrations simply go to Integrations menu in your Back Office and click ‘GET STARTED’ For more details, check these materials: How to connect apps from the marketplace to Loyverse How to create tokens for API API documentation
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    We hope you like our newly redesigned homepage on loyverse.com. In addition to more modern page design, loyverse.com has renewed its structure and content to suit visitors' needs. There are the most popular sections at the top of the page: Features present all different features of Loyverse, Hardware lists printers, scanners, cash drawers, etc. that work with Loyverse, The Products menu presents details about each Loyverse product, its specifics, and features. It contains an overview of Loyverse POS, Back Office, Dashboard, Kitchen Display, Customer Display, Employee Management, Multi-store Management, Advanced Inventory. There are also industries menu describing features vital to use Loyverse in small businesses, retail, restaurants, cafés, boutiques, and bars. The new website also has a marketplace of integration apps with popular services for merchants. There are also many other pages that we hope that our users will like. For instance, Payment systems page contain all integrated card processing terminals and the country of their operation. As before, loyverse.com offers the content in 17 different languages, users from other parts of the world get comprehensive information about the product. Loyverse.com has a 'responsive' design that displays the same content on the same web page regardless of whether users visit from a desktop computer, tablet device, or smartphone.
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    We need defently a function or feature to handle a Deposit für Bottles and Cups. The easiest way would be, that you make it possible to creat a product/item with a negative account. So wen can add to every order a product DEPOSIT and a Producr -DEPOSIT (maybe 50 cent).
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    Without the ability to accept bottle deposits your product will not appropriately accommodate a variety of businesses that require that a bottle deposit be charged on certain beverages. This means businesses like liquor stores, delis, convenience stores and supermarkets will not be able to utilize your software which other than this shortcoming seems to be really nice. I would urge you to implement this functionality as soon as possible as in the USA many states require this functionality BY LAW.
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    First of all, thx for the very amazing work you guys are doing!! Here is an input from our side: It would be really nice to have the possibility to make a partial payment/bill, but not to split the bill into two new bills. In our Restaurant when we have a table with many people and they want to pay separately it is tidious to first ask all of them what they want to pay, split the bill into several bills and then start to collect... Here is an image of how it could look like. I would implement it next to the split button (maybe call it partial payment?) (Same post can be found here: )
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    Hi here are my suggestions... 1. Add a description to items (also make available on API) 2. External orders section (for orders incoming from 3rd party systems) also Posting orders on API (to allow ordering at table or order from vendors such as Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo) 3. table layout screen to show the layout of a restaurant or cafe 4. SMS receipts functionality (other providers have this) 5. Kiosk mode so staff cannot exit the app (i have to use a seperate app to stop this from happening) 6. Telephone integration for takeaways so caller id is identified and customer details can be brought up on screen 7. Delivery options/Takeaway section. 8. Membership card printing and scanning? i have lots more ideas! but want to see if this will be heard.
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    Gloriafood and Xero integrations would be aceeeee
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    With the current UK government guidelines just released it would be ideal at this time to have the ability for a customer to order directly from a table via an app. With the way Loyverse us already set up, how difficult would it be to add an ability for a customer to effectively be completing the POS bit themselves to order from their table? The order then marked as pending until payment is either received via a staff member taking a card reader for payment or payment via Paypal or card on virtual terminal like Square or similar? I often use the POS app on my mobile phone when I visit our own cafe, to simply raise an order with 100% Management Discount and send straight t the kitchen and front of house coffee machine KDS. It has always seemed natural for me that it should be possible for a customer to do this. The rest of the infrastructure is there already, with the menu set up and sending to printers and/or kitchen display system. It seems to be a natural extension of Loyverse. With restaurants and pubs due to open from 4th July, this would be a huge benefit to businesses using Loyverse in being able to comply with government guidelines. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5eb96e8e86650c278b077616/Keeping-workers-and-customers-safe-during-covid-19-restaurants-pubs-bars-takeaways-230620.pdf From latest government guidance 23rd June 2020 Steps that will usually be needed: Encouraging customers to order online, on apps or over the telephone to reduce queues and stagger pick-up times. Encouraging use of contactless ordering from tables where available. For example, through an ordering app.
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    Hello. I use loyverse as electric tecnician. I registered a lot of products from my providers price lists. I have some problem when I try to find some product using a substring. For example: Product: Televes 562501 Amp.minikom matv 3e/1s "easyf" fm-v-u I would like to find it typing "minikom", but it does not appear as the "minikom" word is within a bigger word "Amp.minikom" (point is a normal character). Also it would be perfect if I could made a search like "minikom easyf", finding by substring in more than one word. I noticed that loyverse only finds by first letters of all the words of the item name. For example, in the example item if I write "matv fm" the item appears perfectly. There is any option to make a search using substrings, but not only in first letters of the words? Perhaps using any kind of wildcards...
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    Saludos a todos. Me gustaría que Loyverse pueda sacar para Chile la certificación para poder emitir boletas y/o facturas electrónicas autorizadas por el Servicio de Impuestos Internos, ya que a partir del 24 de agosto de este año, todas las boletas van a ser electrónicas en mi país.
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    Does anyone from loyverse check this thread? Just curious because the development of loyverse seems really slow compared to other apps and after using it for over a year (and paying for the extras) I'm getting a bit fed up of blindly waiting for updates with no clue if what I'm waiting for is even on their radar.
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    One killer gestire that you can add Is integration with: Gloriafood (delibery system app free) this the best service for recive delivery order. It Is free like your app. Just Est (food delivery - pay service) Deliveroo (food delivery - pay service) Also i ask to add xon/xoff protocol for fiscal printer (in Italy) this Is the most used protocol Thanks a lot
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    I am also suggested paid feature for E-Wallet integration with E-wallet vendor in Malaysia
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    We use Loyverse on two different tills at our Restaurant/Bar. We'd love to have automatic Happy Hour timed discounts. Right now our staff have to remember to flip over between our predetermined Happy Hour times and then our management team have to put in duplicate entries for every item that appears on Happy Hour. We don't have a consistent 20% off or something across every product. The discounts vary. Would be great to have a switch in settings like "Support Happy Hour Discounts?" and then a field to select start and end time. Then in the individual item page, have a Happy Hour price field that can be entered at item creation.
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    yes, we need this,  and also a price matrix system which automatically adds discount when a preset quantity is reached, like Microsoft Dynamics the only two thing i found loyverse lacking
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    Hi, we loved the App but were disappointed to findout that it doesn't Support Credit Sale. We at times sell products on credit and our customers make payments in agreed time frame ( either partial or full). So we would appreciate if Credit Sale option is made available with reminders (via email / SMS) to customers when the due date approaches or if he is late. There is an App "Momobills" that has this option but misses out on all the other good things that Loyverse offers. With regards to questions that you have put have following suggestions: 1. With regards to loyalty points, the customer who purchases goods on Credit is already getting the facility of credit from us so loyalty points can be withdrawn / not given but to encourage payment on time a ratio of the original loyalty points can be given to customers making balance payments on time. With regards to customers who are paying in advance installments to buy a product the loyalty point ratio can be increased. 2. Employees should not be able to add the credit sale accounts on their own. But if an employee vouches for a customer for him tobe Given the facility of credit sale that credit sale should somehow be linked to that employee so that if the customer doesn't pay the said amount can be added to employees tab. 3. If you provide the option of advance payments / installments then there should be the option of refund for that.  
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    We require payment on account for customers, we didn't realise that Loyverse didn't offer this. We sell items and then customers make payments towards their balances also a purchase history would be useful to see when the customer purchased a particular item so you can check if the item is returned in the correct timeframe. Unfortunately, until this is available we have had to switch to an alternative system – but we had invested in the printer and scanner that’s compatible with Loyverse before realising the lack of customer account facility ;0(
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    At this time the option of credit is not aviable. Maybe in a future could be made any option to allow to make a credit invoice with total payment or partial payments. This is common in my Country (Costa Rica). Thanks for your atention.  
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    we only need the credit system whereby we can save all receipts to be paid at a later date. we havd a 25 table restaurant in a close knit community where many of our customers pay at once a month. not money up front required.   thank you  clara
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    hola buen dia pero como se hace por ejemplo unas papas fritas me cuestan 20.000 y traen 2.500 gramos y a una porcion de mi prodcuto que es compuesto lleva apenas 200 gramos como se hace para agregar el valor  
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    That’s a very important question! My understanding is , if Loyverse doesn’t support TSE, it will be illegal to use Loyverse in Germany as of September 30th 2020. It’s a legal requirement in Germany to upgrade all electronic cash systems to comply with the TSE requirements.

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