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    How to I add and keep track of items I buy in packs but sell as both single units and as packs?
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    Hello Suzan, If you want the refund to be registered under the name of one of the administrators you need to clarify them not to enter their PIN when the cashier wants to do the refund and the PIN pad pops out. In this way, they are giving permission the cashier to proceed with the refund and it will be registered under the cashier name. To register the refund under the name of the administrator he/she needs to: 1-change user account from cashier to his/her account: https://help.loyverse.com/help/switch-employees 2-proceed with the refund 3- change user account back to the cashier so he/she can continue his work!
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    Hello, Firstly, Loyverse is a fantastic free software. Thanks to that. My business is a car workshop. I currently use a Epson L220 printer at my office. Thus I would like the invoice to be printed as a4 pdf or a4 invoice printing support. Hope this feature request is workable. Thanks Shankar
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    Please check these steps of creating 3 levels of the composite items: First, you create Tomato item and Onion item: Then, you create a Standard burger as a composite item: Also, you create a bread item: And then, you create a composite item "beef burger sandwich from standard burger+bread": And make a sale of the "beef burger sandwich from standard burger+bread"
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    Hi To be 100% sure, better to have an internet connection all the time But, if sometimes you have problems with internet connections, better to use Bluetooth receipt printer. For example: I use GP-58130IIC (Bluetooth) printer to print kitchen orders and receipts at the same time.
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    Hello, dear Please check if you use the same email on CDS device and on the POS device. Next: Please, try reinstall CDS App and connect again.
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    Thank you. I hope I will be able to connect the two bluetooth printers and print orders at the same time.
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    we are actively working on it
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    Introduce Training Mode: A mode where everything works but is not stored, so we can train new staff members.
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    Customer Loyalty Signup App - The ability to have a very small app just for adding Customers to our loyalty system without having to have the employees do it. I know this feature could be included on the Customer Display, but this little addition would stand apart from that and would not display any ticket information. It is simply an app to sign up for store loyalties. If you want to try and go a step further, perhaps even introduce a secure web form for each account that does this very thing that Loyverse users can link too on their Facbook page or website and then customers can sign up at home at any time. That would be big time saver for employees and customers because then the employee doesn't have to take those minutes just gathering those few lines of information. You know? And after a while, those minutes really add up!
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    There are a few additions for the Employee Time clock that I think would be a fantastic additions. 1: Employee Scheduling and Calendar - It would be great to be able to actually create an employee schedule that shows on a calendar and table for employees to see what they work. Working over these scheduled hours would then show as OT Hours under the Total Worked Hours report we already have. 2: Employee Pay Calculated - We are given the total hours work which we love being able to use to keep track of employees worked hours. It would be even better and good time savor for the Back-End to input what the employees wage is on their profile and have their earned pay show for the time period selected. Given costs for products, sales, taxes and etc. are all calculated. I think it would be another great feature to simply calculate wage overhead as well. 3: Employee Time off Request - With the addition of the calendar, the simple ability for them to click on it and submit a request for time off or schedule change would be great. We can then go into the Back-End, view those requests, and approve or deny which then blocks out or changes that requested time period. All around, this system is great. Keep it up and never stop improving! It has made a huge difference for my small business in ease of taking orders and fulfilling them accurately.
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    Make the button for NEW SALE either larger or let the screen go back to the main screen after a few seconds. I'd also like to be able to change the text on the buttons, as some translations aren't 100% up to what I would want.
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    Hello, this is actually a suggestion or request. Can we add functionality to change color display of the items in KDS depending on the dining option? Our kitchen staff have committed several mistakes already, preparing food for dine in even if the food is for take out or delivery. I think it will help if the color of take out or delivery items are different from dine in. Thanks!
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    I would like to have the address of clients in database and to be printing on bills, in order to organize deliveries. Thank you.
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    It's impossible to delete sales receipts by yourself. The usual way is to do a refund if you need to correct a sale. But the Loyevrse team can help you to erase your test receipts, in case you've been testing the app and you would like to start anew before going live. You need to send them an email to delete@loyverse.com and ask them to do it. source: https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-delete-test-sales
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    Loyverse POS works on both Android and iOS devices. Some of our users use our app on a PC through an emulator or alternative OS (i.e: Remix OS). But please note that some of these emulators are not compatible with external hardware such as printers or scanners. And we cannot guarantee that they are 100% compatible and we will not be able to help you in case you have problems with them.
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    I create items like tomato and onion and then I create a composite item burger from tomato and onion and then I create a composite item called beef burger sandwich from burger plus bread. When I make an order from beef burger sandwich the inventory only decreases bread and standard burger and not decrease tomato and onion.
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