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    The latest Sumup update worked fine, installed 15th July 2020, Loyverse is taking card payments, all good
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    Hi Gemma, This sounds fantastic. Maybe we can mixed our parts. I‘m programming several connections to woo, too. I‘m waiting for the Post api for a item, contact and orders... Sync, let’s stay in contact. cu martin
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    Hello In that case, all sales will be recorded to the Cashier, not Waiters. How about 'Sales by employee' report? How do you think, in that case, we need to record a sale to Waiter, who close the Open ticket, or we need to leave as is (sale recorded to the Cashier)?
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    Seems that Sumup updated their App to version 2.7.11 with the fix https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kaching.merchant. Please check Loyverse POS with Sumup payment method again
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    We are currently using the API to sync the stock-count to Woocommerce using this API, by using the receipts. The API works very good, responds fast and I like how the cursor works. I provided the script below for inspiration; https://www.virtualstuff.org/scripts/syncloyverse.php.txt It gets the receipts since the last few hours/days and finds the products by barcode. It simply subtracts the stock-count in Woocommerce by the amount of sales on the Loyverse-receipt. Everytime the script runs, it continues from the previous run by storing a "sync date" It requires the PHP Woocommerce API which can be installed using the command "composer require automattic/woocommerce". It requires modifying the firstlines for the correct API-codes.
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    Hello, the modifier is a set of options that can be applied to the items. They help to sell the same item with different options, such as fillings or toppings. With proper application, modifiers will simplify and accelerate the sales process, as well as provide information about which options are most often selected by clients. So yes, modifiers will work for your different sauces. If you do not charge for them, you can make the modifiers prices as 0 The below link explains how to use and set up modifiers How to Set Up and Apply the Modifiers
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    Now you can manage your account on the Back office. You can change owner e-mail, password, and delete your account. Learn more about account settings https://help.loyverse.com/help/account-settings-in-back-office
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    We assume that the problem is related to the update of the Sumup application. As a temporary solution, we suggest you download the previous Sumup application. You can do it by this link https://www.apkmonk.com/app/com.kaching.merchant/#previous and download the version 2.7.9.
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    Looking to get this developed, where the client can order direct from their own mobile device at table, and also the option to order ahead from their own device. Anyone else interested in something like this? We wouldn't mind partnering with others to get this implemented and split the cost. So many opportunities with something like this. Basically, the ordering is done thru a website that is connected to Loyverse thru API. This avoids clients having to download an app or anything complicated. Needs to be super simple for client to operate from their own device, and they can order, and ask for the check when they are ready to pay. Further integration would be to allow customer to pay thru their phone as well, but for now, payment can be processed externally. Let me know!
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    Hi, lets say i had an open ticket, saved it, commented on it.. then completed the sale I'd like to see these saved ticket names and comments in the exported report (.csv) Is there a way to do that ? Thanks Budi
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    Need "waitor" role where waitors take order and manage open tickets only. They cant complete the sale and open cash register. This would be fulfilled by cashier role which is already available in loyverse.
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    In the back office there should be a feature where an item can be excluded from receiving discounts. This way if a percentage discount were applied to the whole sale and that specific item on the ticket it wouldn't recieve the discount but all the other items would. All items should have the discount feature toggled on but for items not to ever recieve a discount the owner/administrator should have to log into back office and toggle this feature off that way when a cashier applies a discount to the entire sale that one particular item is excluded from being discounted.
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    Android version is still 1.04 four months later. We really want this feature in Android too. Please can there be an Android release soon?

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