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    Hello, You can select only one dining option for a ticket. But, you can create a special dining option: “Dine in/ Take out” and select this dining option when you need it. You can check our all details about dining options here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/dining-options If you need to indicate which meal will the customer dine in and which one they will take out, you can add a comment to these items in the tickets so the staff can distinguish them. The comments in the ticket will look like this: I suggest you to check all details on how to add comments to items here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/customer-info-receipt
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    Give them a meal and tell him to come back at the end of the day so he can take away the waste. Believe me, they will be grateful and will come back and help you. We have 3 homeless people who comes reguraly and they clean the street, help us pack the tables, stuff like that. And our customers sometimes buy coffee or food and ask us to give it to them. If you do good, the world around you will give it back.
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    As I understand it, printers go into groups. And the groups are associated with particular categories of items. So you could have several printers in a 'kitchen' group, all of which print out ordered items if they are in the 'food' category, but not if they are in the 'drinks' category. And then you can have another group of printers called 'bar', which can be associated with the 'drinks' items. So the answer depends on what you want to happen - if you want the two printers to print out the same information, put them both in the same group. If you want them to print different categories of items, create two different groups and put one printer in each group. What you can't do, I think, is have more than one group of printers associated with a particular category of item.
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    Looking at the KDS app, and am looking at cheap android boxes with Screens to mount in the kitchen. However, having a touch screen can get a bit messy. Are there any 'bump bars' that would be able to be configured to clear orders so that kitchen staff aren't touching the screens? Thanks
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    The ability to span midnight as 'one day' (or shift) in the Back office statistics. e.g. Our working day starts at 5pm and finishes at 2am the next day. To analyse and gather statistics for the shift, I have to extract the midnight to 2am from the previous day, and add the midnight to 2am from the next day, to see the shift analysis.
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    It's 2019 and there is still no checkboxes on the kitchen display. I would very much like to have this feature.
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    Another "vote" for this request. Would be REALLY useful to be able to mark off each item as they are sent as well as to clear the entire ticket.  We're finding Loyverse and KDS a brilliant solution generally but the absence of the option to mark off each item as sent is causing us a major headache at the moment.
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    Yes! This option would be very helpful for orders that have, say, 10 items or more on them. That way, we could keep track of what we've already sent out. Please add this!
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    YES we absolutely need this feature. We have the same problem. We need a tickbox/cross out to make it easier to work on the screen. We can see what has been done. Please add it
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