Loyverse inventory

Loyverse inventory

Discuss issues about working with Loyverse Advanced Inventory add-on. Questions, suggestions, ‘how to’ cases, difficulties, problems, settings, tips, etc.

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Agree with you. Dashboard app could be so much more useful.

In my case, I can create composite items in composite items to nesting level 4. From your description, I think your composite items is...(more)

This is what we do at our restaurant. We receive stock of a beer keg of 20litres and we enter it as nonsaleable item and sale by weight...(more)

This would be a wonderful addition! It would be extremely useful to us to be able to print labels as shelf price tags. The current labels do...(more)

I find optial stock to be useless unless you're buying things individually. Nearly everything from a wholesaler comes in cases of 6, 8,...(more)

With item variants you are creating multiple items, it won't allow you to track stock of the different drinks.

For your...(more)

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