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Can I use the barcode scanner to add items in the Advanced Inventory documents?

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Hello. You can use the barcode scanner while using the Back office to scan and add items to each of the documents in the Advanced Inventory section. You need to use an external barcode scanner connected to the PC, tablet or mobile device where you have opened the Back office.
Please, note you cannot use the built-in camera of the mobile device/tablet with Loyverse POS app.
The barcode scanner must be connected in "virtual keyboard" mode. You can refer to the manual of the barcode scanner to learn how to configure the barcode scanner so that it is connected in the right mode.

If you are using iOS device with the Loyverse POS app and the scanner that you are using is Socket mobile, this scanner works in a special mode in POS app to scan items during the sale (Application Mode (MFi-SPP), but to use it in Back office, it needs to switch to Basic Mode (HID) (default).


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