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Can Loyverse help me manage Inventory like this?


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Hello everyone

My name is Cee from Thailand. I got introduced to Loyvere by my NewZealand friend.


How ever, i have a question about inventory. Please see attached photo;

Normal store would do inventory like  1.1-1.5

But my store which does not have much people  we want to do like 2.1-2.6

i wonder if Loyverse can help me or not?


Thanks inadvance



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Hello Cee!

As I understood you want to know more about Our Inventory itself. 
2.1. Advanced inventory has Purchase orders in case you have suppliers and received the items from them. If not you can add or reduce (as for 2.4) items by Inventory count or Stock adjustment option. 

The final inventory for the store is possible to export with Items list. 

And Inventory valuation report can help to recognize the results in inventory changes. 

Note: the report section itself is based on receipts, so if you will not do the sales, there will be no Sales reports. 

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