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How do you scan items into inventory with your phone?


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Actually I was searching a workaround for this topic. And I found a free application called Scan-IT to Office.

With Scan-IT to Office, I could scan barcodes of my products from my cellphone to insert the decoded barcode text to the selected blank/space; in other words, I could input the barcode number to the barcode blank in my Back Office or input to an Excel/Google sheet’s cell.


To start using this application, I just installed the Scant-IT app from the app store. 

Open the Connections settings from the three dots menu to scan the QR code to sync to the platform; for example, in my case I used Microsoft Excel.

From the Excel application in my PC, I went to Insert section → Get add-ins and searched the name of the app to add it. After this, I activated from Add-ins section to show the QR code.

Then I just scanned the QR code with the Scan-IT app from my phone to pair them.

Finally, I just started scanning barcodes of my products to input the numbers by itself without typing it.


When you succeed to synchronize, it shows the model or name of the phone.



I recommend this app to users who need to input many barcodes of the item or customer to import CSV files to the Back Office. This app also works for stock adjustments and inventory counts feature to count items in stock.

There are also some other similar apps that accomplish these features; however, there are apps that require to install their special software to the computer and I didn’t want it, so I chose Scan-IT to Office which fits to my needs and probably to most of the Loyverse user. 🙂 

There are more features/settings in this app that may help you in a more specific needs, which I haven’t tried it yet, but it is enough with the default settings to just start scanning barcodes to efficiently manage data of Loyverse.


Please use of these free apps by your own responsibility if it is really secure for your business use.

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