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Do I need Advanced Inventory subscription to adjust and track stock?


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Hi my name is Arif from Indonesia.  I managed a not so sophisticated business, it's a simple carwash with coffee lounge.  So I have a small inventory of snacks, drinks, car accessories, perfume etc.  Inventories that I personally bought from market or online.  I don't have a regular supplier.  Thus the Advance Inventory Management is too much for me as I don't need to print purchase order, labels, transfer orders, combine ingredients for production.  I just need to be able to adjust my stock and see the history.  If such features available for 10 - 12 $ per month that will be just great for me 🙂




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As I know the simple stock management is a part of free package. So to add stock to the item, manually change it, track stock you can use without Advanced inventory. 


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