Loyverse API for developers

What options are there for developers to integrate with Loyverse? I want access to the reports and data to connect my other business apps (accounting, communication tools, customer follow-up.)

Can I connect with Loyverse POS back office through an application programming interface?

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An api would be really useful for us, to have access to sales data per item. We register the entree tickets of our swimming pool as sales. And with an API we can count automatically our visitors and create reports of that.
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This is a feature that in my opinion have to be a priority task for loyverse team! All the bigger players on the market has support for this.

Its May 11th, 2019, and still no developer API. Do you guys have any plans? Without an API, this product is absolutely useless, as it cannot integrate with the other systems in my business. Manual entry is not even an option.

Agreed with everyone, API access would be ideal to extend the functionality of Loyverse.  This would also generate income for loyverse and it's app developers, similar to the Shopify & WordPress plugin / app options. 

We need to be able to send XML data for each transaction to connect with our local tax government system and accounting systems (like QuickBooks, Wave, Xero, etc)  This is how sales taxes are controlled here (Ecuador) as well as other LATAM and European countries.

It will be a really great improvment to get an API for e.g. get the today's tickets or add/delete products

Related to this - if the Loyverse platform is growing you should develop a way for engineers like myself to build apps integrated into Loyverse so people can easily unlock more value.

Yes!  Really wish to have that! 

Would be a great feature 

So far there is no API from Loyverse POS. Yes, it would be useful to be able to access to one.
I couldn't agree more. In our case it's about integrating an online ordering system which has an API (https://www.gloriafood.com/restaurant-ordering-system-with-food-ordering-api), so we don't have to manually enter the orders into Loyverse and can still make use of the KDS (Kitchen Display System), etc.
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