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  2. Due to our API’s restrictions that disallow direct calls from the browser, users are required to utilize a backend proxy such as Nginx or a similar tool in their local environment. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/CORS
  3. Hello there, Unfortunately, it is not possible to add a new payment method to Loyverse at this moment of 2023.
  4. It worked, I got 200 OK response but now I'm encountering CORS error
  5. I have a client who wants to add a Vibrant payment method to Loyverse POS but I have no idea how to integrate both of them using API (because there are no apps to integrate this payment option). Link of Vibrant doc (https://docs.vibrant.io/vibrant/). I set up the Vibrant terminal and sandbox but don't know how to connect with Loyverse. Does anyone know how to integrate this kind of payment method? Give an example in the form of a code snippet.
  6. Looks like you generated a JSON object instead x-www-form-urlencoded. Please double check.
  7. 4Riders

    Integration with ODOO ERP

    Hello Everyone, Any updates on this? I plan to do the same. Currently I'm in loyverse and seems Odoo functionality is helpful but this is one of my concerns
  8. I censored the url and the client_secret. curl 'https://api.loyverse.com/oauth/token' \ -H 'authority: api.loyverse.com' \ -H 'accept: application/json, text/plain, */*' \ -H 'accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.9' \ -H 'content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \ -H 'origin: https://**************.com' \ -H 'referer: https://**************.com/' \ -H 'sec-ch-ua: "Google Chrome";v="117", "Not;A=Brand";v="8", "Chromium";v="117"' \ -H 'sec-ch-ua-mobile: ?0' \ -H 'sec-ch-ua-platform: "Windows"' \ -H 'sec-fetch-dest: empty' \ -H 'sec-fetch-mode: cors' \ -H 'sec-fetch-site: cross-site' \ -H 'user-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36' \ --data-raw '{"client_id":"jvvDK-U6kQ7fFFfb3-ff","client_secret":"******************************************************************","redirect_uri":"https://**************.com","code":"fLDgmF","grant_type":"authorization_code"}' \ --compressed
  9. Hello, thank you for a question. Please give me a more precise sample of the request.
  10. Hello there, I would suggest uploading a screenshot of Make and the example of table you want to create.
  11. The handleGetAuthorizationCode() works, I can already get my Authorization code but when trying to get a Access Token, I'm getting 401 Unauthorized error, my code in in the 3rd picture, am I doing it wrong?
  12. Hello there, Now we have integrations with QR ordering systems in the marketplace. I recommend checking out Orderlina and MyMenu.
  13. Hi - I'm using Make to export my loyverse receipts to google sheets. I would like to view all skus, quantity sold. so it is basically a report of all items sold, with receipt number and time listed. However, when I export, I only get the first line item and quantity sold of that item per receipt. Is there a way to export all items sold for a receipt with multiple line items? Thanks, Camille
  14. Hello! I would like to share that we created a Make.com blueprint to analyze business data from Loyverse. This template aggregates daily sales from Loyverse every day on Google Sheets. At the end of every month, ChatGPT will read the accumulated data from the Sheets and give you suggestions to improve your business performance. DOWNLOAD BLUEPRINT 1. To use this blueprint, please log in to Make.com and create a new scenario. 2. Download the blueprint from HERE and import it. 3. Log in to Google and Loyverse on each action. 4. Create one Google Sheet and name the first sheet “Sales by Date”. 5. Connect the sheet in 4. to Make workflow. 6. Create an OpenAI account and generate a ChatGPT API key here. 7. Add the API key to the OpenAI action in Make. 8. Specify your email address where you want to receive suggestions from ChatGPT. 9. Schedule the scenario every day after your shop is closed. 10. Click "Save". Then, wait to receive an email at the end of the month. After receiving an email, please create a new sheet and connect it to the scenario (4. and 5.) to refresh the data. Looking forward to your feedback if GPT's suggestion is useful or not DOWNLOAD BLUEPRINT
  15. Hello there, Do you want the data in JSON format?
  16. Yasuaki

    Information about Loyverse API

    Thank you for your suggestion! We value our customers' suggestions and take them into consideration in our development plan. However, please note that the suggestions may not be always implemented fully. The Inventory update webhook should fire when you complete an Inventory count. If it is not the case, I would recommend contacting customer support and report the issue.
  17. Hello. Thank you for your question. If your app knows the tota point balance of the customer after the change, you can update the point balance in Loyverse by using the "Create or update a single customer" endpoint. https://developer.loyverse.com/docs/#tag/Customers/paths/~1customers/post:~:text=about the customer-,total_points,-number
  18. Hello there, Unfortunately, Loyverse does not provide a possibility of payment integration using Loyverse API at this moment. But thank you for your suggestion!
  19. how do i do to make a product list sorted by category and then sorted by variation using make(integromat) integration or another solution . I was able to do some sample with make but i couldnt sort . for example i got a "beverage" category with "water flavored" item and inside of it " mango" and "strawberry" variations.. I want to list that data as: CATEGORY (beverage) ITEM (water flavored) VARIATION (mango) VARIATION (strawberry) any idea with make, phpcake, php, or something will be appreciated
  20. How difficult would be to integrate EUPAGO payment system with Loyverse? Here is the documentation: https://eupago.readme.io/reference/mb-way
  21. DaveHerbert

    Information about Loyverse API

    OK the problem is the UUID for variant id sent with the Inventory update webhook is insufficient in that I have to figure out which UUID corresponds to the product i want updating in my mysql database. I have had to to create a new field for the UUID - variant id. Then capture the webhook data and physically enter the UUID in variant id field. Very time consuming when you have hundreds of products. I already have the SKU field which I could have easily used if the Inventory update webhook could send that too. I dont see any reason why the Inventory update webhook could not send the sku as it does the product update webhook. Also I dont understand why the product update webhook does not send Inventory counts for the product.
  22. I figured it out using web hooks and a small php script to update the inventory and product details on my Litecart website and it works flawlessly
  23. DaveHerbert

    Use of Webhook

    Yes you do unfortunately. Makes it expensive if you also pay for one of the third party integrations. However the web hooks are easy to use. I use them in conjunction with a small php script to update the inventory and product details on my Litecart website and it works flawlessly
  24. I am trying to deduct points from the client according to the ones he chooses from my app but the example does not appear in the loyverse documentation
  25. Do I need to be subscribed to the integrations to use the webhook feature?

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