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  2. Shinji

    Integrate Loyverse and Qoyod

    Hello! I believe that there are programmers to hire that you can look for in the internet or maybe programming freelancers that you can hire as well out there. I think this would be the best approach or at the very least the closest thing to what you want.
  3. Hello, are there any one was integrate Loyverse with Qoyod, and how can I find a technician or programmer who can provide us this service? Best Regards
  4. Try azure function it seems better option than ADF, at least as first step
  5. following this question....
  6. Shinji

    LINE@ connect

    Hello koala! I can suggest a few that I can think of in terms of what you are looking to do. To start, you can go to our API documentation in this link at https://developer.loyverse.com/docs/#tag/Customers and check out the Customers Endpoint. And then from there, map this endpoint to your codebase, in order to get the payload or information of the customers' points from the API and code it to your LINE@ bot if it is possible.
  7. Hello icenfries! You could use the Receipts endpoint from our API to be able to receive the daily sales made and happening to your application. For more information about this endpoint and a documentation of it and our API, you can check out this link provided: https://developer.loyverse.com/docs/#tag/Receipts. Another suggestion is that you can use the Shifts Endpoint as well to get the daily overall sales.
  8. Hi, I saw that there were already other requests for new functions. So, I would like to add our needs: - we would like to create purchase orders via API - we would like to create transfer orders via API - we would like to refund a receipt via API (or via Loyverse Back Office) Are there plans to implement those functions and do you have timelines? In general, is there any document showing new API functions that are in development and will be available soon? Best regards, Manuela
  9. How is the daily sales received through api.
  10. Hello @Nicoodesand @Missdebs It should be possible to integrate GloriaFood through otter. May I know if you already submitted your information and get in contact with their salesperson?
  11. PeterB

    Access open tickets via API

    Thank you @Yasuaki I've seen this post in context of creating tickets - I was thinking maybe there is some other way to read those already created by Loyverse. Mentioned post gives some idea how to print new orders (without Loyverse), however this ticket will never appear in Loyverse. Can you please confirm that the Otter app available in the marketplace can create and read open orders? What does it take to create a "Loyverse App"?
  12. Yasuaki

    Access open tickets via API

    Hello @PeterB Unfortunately, it is not possible to access open tickets from API right now. This discussion may help you as well.
  13. Hello, is there any way to access open tickets using the API? Eventually via some additional application like Otter?
  14. Thanks, what I thought. Do you know the schema/endpoint/response that the POS app uses to send to KDS, so I can duplicate the existing functionality? I can see the POS calls port 11225, but presumable wants a proper response to verify.
  15. Hello AdamM, 1) Loyverse POS app, and Loyverse Kitchen dislplay app communicate in local network. So unfortunately it's not possible. 2) You can make receipt sale via API post request via endpoint https://api.loyverse.com/v1.0/receipt In a body you can also specify along with items also order_id, with order name. And you can implement your own Kitchen dislplay app
  16. Is it possible to create a sale via the API then have that order show on a kitchen display? Or is it done locally on the network?
  17. I use Gloriafood for online ordering and Loyverse as my POS, so we are double entering the information. I thought there was an integration through Otter, but i cannot figure out how to use it or set it up.
  18. Hello, I want to integrate gloriafood with the Loyverse loyalty system. Is this possible with Otter? I want customers to add points for Gloriafood, obviously if they enter their email when making a purchase on the web. Thank you very much.
  19. As the topic indicates, I need to make a connection through the webhook within the azure data factory to be able to obtain in a structured way the data generated in the app regarding the sales made and be able to incorporate them into a database to which I can query them (SQL) Any information will be welcome. Thank you very much
  20. Hi I am trying to concatenate the loyverse API with the LINE@ API I want to create a LINE@ robot Ability to bot reply after customer clicks the button please enter phone number than the bot can look up the loyalty program points for the phone number Could you please give me some advice on where to start I am new to this
  21. mohamedalaaser

    Creating orders from API

    Any updates yet? I am building an online ordering app for a restaurant and I want it to be able to send the orders/open tickets to the restaurant's pos so that they can print it and accept payments (using the pos) when the customers comes to pickup food, etc. any idea how I can do that? will Otter be useful in this case?
  22. Yasuaki

    Item description

    Hello there, Now it is possible to add an item description to each item in Loyverse. And it is implemented in the API. We assume that this field can be used when you synchronize the item list between Loyverse and other platforms such as e-commerce. Let us know how you are going to use this functionality
  23. Hello @m0oz Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, Loyverse API does not have the ability to generate an open ticket.
  24. Hello, we are using ordercubes in our restaurant (odercube.de). There you can call the waiter or call for pay. New the ordercube exchanges also nfc informations. With the software fanz (developer.fanz.io) it is possible to order over the ordercube and also to pay your open bill over the ordercube. My idea was if it would be possible to connect loyverse with fanz and ordercupbe. fanz uses a api connection. Thanks and have a nice day... Sascha

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