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  2. ElClandestino

    API Integration - Self Order @ Table

    Any news about this?? This is the only reason I am looking for a new pos.
  3. So far, i have not been able to create a product that includes an article with variants, and been able to choose the generic one. that way, when the sale screen is used, the Different options should display and only one variants should be chosen. So far, i need to create 1 article for each option. Any thoughts?
  4. Unfortunately, no. There was no event from Loyverse logged in my application server. The endpoint is working fine when it's tested with Postman.
  5. Could you tell me if your server received any posts from us?
  6. Johnson

    Use of Webhook

    How to subscribe to the Integrations? @raddy @DaveHerbert
  7. Johnson

    webhook is working?

    @onbiew did you managed to get this resolved? I am facing the same error. Could you share how to resolve this error?
  8. @Yasuaki When the Webhook endpoint is tested, it returns "Test notification is unsuccessful. Please make sure that the URL is correct." My endpoint url looks like this "https://us-central1-projectName.cloudfunctions.net/function_name What should I do to get it resolved?
  9. Hi! I am developer and explore the LOYVERSE API to integrate it into my client system. According to the requirements, I need to know where is the ticket number or table for which Dine in serving in the API. According to my observation ticket number is receipt number but I am not confirm yet. Please help me in this concern.
  10. Yasuaki

    Create Orders using API

    Hello there, This discussion will answer your question. Thank you.
  11. Hello. Yes, when you use the Advanced Inventory subscription, the "cost" field is replaced with "average cost". Therefore, you can use the "cost" parameter of the API to update the "average cost".
  12. Hi, when I update a variant that has the "track stock" option enabled does updating the "cost" of the variant reflect in the back office as an average cost like it normally would or will the "Cost" UI value in the back office be replaced by the new value? Likewise, when I do a GET request for a variant or item am I getting the average cost of the item or the last value that was entered for the "Cost" field?
  13. Yasuaki

    FreshKDS Integration

    Hello @DJMannyD Thank you for an interesting suggestion! If Fresh KDS can be an EPSON printer emulator, could it be connected as an "Other model" of a receipt printer? How to Set Up Other Printers in Loyverse POS on Android How to Set Up Other Printers in Loyverse POS on iOS
  14. ACE-IroncladCafe

    Create Orders using API

    I would also like to know this.
  15. I’m currently working on a project that lets Loyverse POS use FreshKDS as its KDS but seeing it as an Epson Printer. FreshKDS already integrated an Epson Printer Emulator when you select Square as your POS on the FreshKDS app. So I built a python project that runs on a raspberry pi that acts as the middle man. What I’m trying to do is have Loyverse send the receipt to the raspberry pi as if the raspberry pi is a local network Epson printer, then the python project on the raspberry pi will receive the receipt and format it to an order ticket for FreshKDS and then send it to FreshKDS via the Epson local network printer emulator they have built in now. I’m currently working with the FreshKDS dev team directly and they have been a great help. I just need some help from the Loyverse dev team if possible. If Loyverse can just add the printer emulator format so Loyverse POS can talk directly to FreshKDS that would be great and I wouldn’t have to jump through hoops to use my FreshKDS system. I use Fresh because I also use square and I do everything locally in my food truck because internet is not always reliable where I go. Any help will be great. Thanks
  16. Hello , I have some problem about Integrate with woosa. I already send e-mail to woosa but they not reply me . Now I try to test Integration loyverse with woosa. But I try to Connect APP (woosa) https://loyverse.com/marketplace/woocommerce-woosa this link , but I can not to authorized this point. After click this link to open new page (I already start trail 14 days and login in woosa , complete set up license in my website. This link https://help.woosa.com/en/articles/57848-how-to-authorize-the-loyverse-plugin explain about connect to APP but now loyverse update that not show and connect as woosa explain. That still pending about integration between loyverse and woosa . Please help me about this point. Thank you very much.
  17. Loyalty Program, Reward your loyal customers to regularly visit your store, cafe, or restaurant. Increase the frequency of customer visits to your business by offering them the best service. If you want to allow your customers to freely register on your Loyverse, it is possible through Zapier integration with Google Forms, To do so, please start by selecting the template that already exists in Zapier, https://zapier.com/apps/google-forms/integrations/loyverse/1157113/create-loyverse-customers-from-new-google-forms-responses Then please create the Google form on your Google account. The two important questions that should be added to the form are name and email address. You can add extra questions if you want, like phone number and address. Now you can start to set up the Zap in Zapier, Please connect your Google account and add the form that you created as Trigger. Then, tap continue and test. After you have set up successfully the first step, continue with the second step. Connect the Loyverse account, and under the action, please add the two important information that you receive through the form, the name and email address. Tap continue and test and publish the Zap. After that please try to fill out the form by yourself, and as soon as you have filled out the form, you will see the new customer in the back office. Now you can send the link of the form for future customers or show the QR code that leads customers to the registration form! Example of customer creation:
  18. Hello, In Zapier, you can update the price of a single item by "Create or Update Single Item" action. Zoho Flow also has the same endpoint. For your information, in the logic of API, all items are considered as if they have at least 1 variant.
  19. Would like to request api that is able to update multiple items at a call or probably with csv upload just like the dashboard. Thanks.
  20. Yasuaki

    Information about Loyverse API

    Hello Bill, You can activate API options from here.
  21. koun_na_neko

    Information about Loyverse API

    Hi @Yasuaki, May I know how to activate API on my account? Thanks Bill
  22. Hello! From the Loyverse API documentation, it doesn't look like it is possible to update the price of a single item (with no variants). Is this correct? I can't see any options in Zoho Flow or Zapier either. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  23. Why does it take 1 day for customers created via API to show up on the POS system, and is there a way to make them appear immediately?
  24. Hello @LukasRed Thank you for your post! You can use the "get a list of receipts" endpoint and calculate the sum of the gross profit of the receipts.
  25. Hello Loyverse Community, I am currently working on integrating Loyverse API into my application and I am interested in retrieving the "gross profit" data for individual shifts. I have successfully retrieved other shift-related data, but I couldn't find a specific endpoint or attribute in the API response that provides information about the gross profit. Can someone guide me on how to obtain this data for each shift? Your insights and assistance will be highly appreciated. Thank you! Lukas
  26. 玉城真二郎

    API Item Pricing Update Not Syncing

    Hello! In my environment, when I update the price of an item from the API, it will automatically be reflected in the POS.

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