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Integration with ODOO ERP


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We are using Odoo ERP for all of our account and B2B business sales puposes. But we also have a B2C segement of business where we have shops are which we use the Loyverse POS. Now we have to manually enter sales from Loyverse to Odoo. And a lot of times we end up not adding the sales at all.

Any leads of intergration with Odoo ERP?

What we really need to do is get all receipts for a particular store for a particular day and add map that as a single "Sale Order" in Odoo Sales module. 

Thats it. Once we Validate that sales order in Odoo we dont need to do anything else. The rest, odoo handles everything. 

We have already done majority of the boiler plate work like matching the product names and variants of Loyverse POS to that of the Odoo Products. 

What we just need now is a mapping tool to map from Json of Loyverse to products of Odoo.

Please help.



Faizan Zubair

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Hi Everyone, I'm odoo provider in Ecuador working with Odoo 14 EE, actually I'm looking for a Loyverse-Odoo integration , any progress on this topic from  last year ?  regards

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Hello Everyone,

Any updates on this? I plan to do the same. Currently I'm in loyverse and seems Odoo functionality is helpful but this is one of my concerns

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