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How to integrate Loyverse with Facebook Catalog with the help of Make! 🎉


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Hi everyone! 🎊

I'd like to share to you a very simple integration to have the items created automatically in Facebook Catalog!!  Honestly, when I found out about this, it made my life so much easier in ways that I didn't even realized that I needed it! So, I really recommend checking out Make and Loyverse if you are like me who is using Facebook Catalog to manage online business!

A few things to help anyone out if struggling with finding some reference materials or articles to refer to:
- Facebook (FB) Business page help center:https://www.facebook.com/business/help
- Make Help Center: https://www.make.com/en/help/home. 

Now that these things are out of the way, let's try to create the integration with the ff steps!:

1.) Go to Make.com and create a new scenario2024-06-07_07h01_52.thumb.png.e4c5804f3e306510a8e3e00cf39ea9cd.png

2.) Search for Loyverse and then select “Watch Items” to allow Make to listen or watch for any new items incoming.2024-06-07_07h07_35.thumb.png.110d99744161bee619b98b3da6e8898f.png

3.) Click on the Add button to log into your Loyverse account credentials and then select the Event Type to “Create” so that Make looks for items that are created only.2024-06-07_07h07_53.thumb.png.097a6b8418c0004f30e264039984a56e.png

4.) Then, add Facebook catalog by searching for it when adding the new step. Choose “Facebook Catalog”2024-06-07_07h08_36.thumb.png.4f28902f0cce69cceff2d931ef333cf1.png

5.) Click on the Add button to login onto your Facebook Account credentials and then click on the Business ID afterwards to select the Business. Afterwards, Catalog ID will dropdown bar will appear. Select the Catalog created on your Business account in Facebook. Then lastly, click on “Add Item” under “Products”.2024-06-07_07h10_36.thumb.png.78b2343e6b18163cf8f90ebfac32d177.png

6.) Add the details or information gotten from the Loyverse and enter it onto the required fields: Retailer ID, Title, Price, Image Link. In this case for now, I’ve used Item’s SKU as a Retailer ID as you are allowed to create any form of ID onto that field. Please note as well that Image Link should not be empty otherwise the integration will fail. 2024-06-07_07h15_18.thumb.png.5c456766fa8801c5ecb75ec75e60e0c3.png2024-06-07_07h15_40.thumb.png.493936299fda8affdcff175613d42b29.png


And there you have it folks!!🥳🥳🥳  It's really simple and easy to set up. Now, you can sit back, relax and watch as the magic of automation deals with tedious steps like having to create the same item twice!

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