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Webhook not sending X-Loyverse-Signature in header?


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Hi there, I'm trying to connect my wordpress site to loyverse data, and I've successfully managed to get OAuth 2 working as intended afaik, where I've got the correct data being posted to Loyverse when certain stuff triggers on my site.

Now I'm trying to send Loyverse data to my website via a webhook, and I'm really struggling. I've set up an endpoint and it all seems to be functioning normally. I've also tried pointing other webhooks to websites like Pipedream to analyse the header data that I've got coming in - and in all cases I'm just not receiving the header "X-Loyverse-Signature" with the webhook data.

Any idea what could be causing this?

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I got a reply from loyverse support which was helpful:

Hello, I'm Yasuaki.

Thank you for contacting Loyverse.

There are 3 ways of creating webhooks in Loyverse.

1. Create webhook from https://r.loyverse.com/dashboard/#/webhooks
2. Create webhook from /webhook endpoint using an Access token.
3. Create webhook from /webhook endpoint using OAuth 2.0.

Only when you create a webhook by 3. the webhook will contain X-Loyverse-Signature in the Header.

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