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Best online money transfer providers for small to medium businesses

While maintaining inflated cash flow as their top priority, more and more businesses nowadays are leaning towards accepting payments online. As we aim to grow our sales with lesser boundaries, targeting global audiences, it is important to have a system that caters to the needs and convenience of our customers worldwide. Fortunately, there is an expanding selection of platforms and services to make money transfer from one online account to another in a cheaper, faster and more hassle-free way. 

Best online payment systems for small to medium businesses

No matter what business you’re in or where you are in the world, there is a way to receive payments online. Online payment systems are third party payment providers that help businesses receive payments from their customers on the e-commerce website or online service platform. This is done via a user-made account, email address or credit card.  Online payments have evolved significantly over the recent years as more consumers are becoming more digitally savvy and opting for the more technol

5 Most Important Features of POS Systems to Improve your Business Operations

Point of sale (POS) systems are becoming the technology of choice for organizations looking to thrive in the cutthroat business industry.  Grand View Research reveals that the POS software market surpassed $9.3 billion last year and will reach $18.1 billion by 2027. This increase can be attributed to its ability to automate sales processes, monitor inventory, and provide businesses real-time data and reports. It can also help businesses make quick and educated decisions to increase store pr

Best Loyalty Software Programs for Small to Medium Businesses

A customer loyalty program is a powerful marketing strategy that rewards loyal customers that frequently engage with your brand. By rewarding their recurring engagement you are building better relationships with your customers, which eventually leads to optimizing their loyalty and ensuring growth for your business. By giving your loyal customers coupons and discounts, you are also expressing your thanks to them and how much you appreciate that they choose your store. Aside from being an efficie


Chooli in Entrepreneurship

Best Franchise for Food Retail Businesses

Retail franchising gives merchants and entrepreneurs the experience of owning a business without some of the risks and mistakes startups often make. By running an already established system of operations, your business is much more proven and secured. Not to mention not needing to invest much on advertisement and brand recognition, since those are already a given upon purchase of the franchise. You can also always count on support and advice from the franchisor and other franchisees to help you

How to improve restaurant management

To run a restaurant in our days, you need to know about marketing, accounting, economics and finance, people management, kitchen management, personality psychology, and other disciplines. It is impossible to describe all the details of this profession in one article, so we will give only a few rules that you should know and apply; otherwise, you could potentially lose your entire business.  When the entire business's fate that you have created or are currently running is at stake, you start


Ashly in Entrepreneurship

Best Accounting Firms

Productive work and the success of any business directly depends on the professionalism and quality of accounting. Observing the deadlines for filing reports, timely and correct payment of taxes, correct charges, timely posting of primary documentation, drawing up declarations are conditions that have a direct impact on the fruitful work of all departments of a company or enterprise. Accounting allows the company to avoid misunderstandings with the authorities and representatives of tax ser


Aldert in Entrepreneurship

How to create a pleasant atmosphere to attract customers to the grocery store

Modern retail is working to create a positive emotional atmosphere in stores. We've collected a few tools to help your grocery shop or supermarket create a sales-boosting atmosphere. The buyer chooses a shopping place where he or she feels comfortable, pleasant, beautiful, convenient, joyful, fun, and also where he or she is appreciated, loved, and expected. All of these are about positive emotions. A good atmosphere will cause immediate sales growth and generally increase customers’ loyalt


Aldert in Entrepreneurship

Best loan platforms for small and medium business

Very often, small and medium businesses need financing. Ether it is the replenishment of working capital when there are cash flow gaps - you have not received payment for bills issued to consumers, but you need to pay your bills. Or you decided, for example, to buy new equipment to take your business to a new level. In other words, you need to find investment for development.  For years banks took the role of providing loans for businesses, but nowadays, many other online platforms can offe


Aldert in Entrepreneurship

Top influencers in the small and medium business

Let us start with a short history of the influencer concept. Even though the word influencer was officially introduced in the English dictionary just last year in May 2019, the concept can be traced back to a much earlier time. One of the first records about a business collaboration with an influencer is back to 1760, when a potter, by the name of Wedgwood, made a tea set for the Queen of England. Since the monarchy were the influencers of their time, Wedgwood's decision to market his brand as g


Ashly in Entrepreneurship

Best educational resources for small and medium business

Entrepreneurs and business owners need to improve their skills and knowledge to succeed—one of the ways of strengthening offered by online educational resources.  During the last decade, a MOOC becomes a popular way of learning. A massive open online course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and free access via the web. Educational websites offer online courses with video lectures as well as quizzes to check the learning process. Many courses have additional interactiv


Elizabeth in Entrepreneurship

Best Integration platforms as a service for small and medium businesses

Recently, business is actively undergoing a digital transformation, which is data consolidation and connecting business users to all the company data they need. It allows you to establish a smooth interaction with customers and provide a high-quality service, regardless of whether the information is exchanged in digital format or not. Today's businesses are using more digital applications than ever before, and more and more companies are opting for the cloud. The critical problem of digital


Andy in Entrepreneurship

Best online ordering & delivery services for small and medium businesses

Online ordering and delivery services are growing in popularity all over the world. COVID quarantine measures facilitate ordering food to eat at home habits.  If you run a restaurant, pizzeria, and cafe, it is good to open a delivery channel to gain more customers and facilitate sales. There are a lot of suggestions from different companies in each city and towns. Some of them are local, some countrywide, and some work across countries. In this article, we give an overview of popular serv


Aldert in Entrepreneurship

How to develop a convenience store

Aggressive expansion of large retail chains leaves less and less market space for individual food stores. But they have undeniable competitive advantages. How to use them? In many cities all over the world, chain supermarkets grow rapidly, and they gradually lure customers from small stores. Their "baits" are low prices, a rich assortment of goods, and more comfortable shopping conditions. Of course, not everyone can resist the unequal struggle with the monsters of the market. Neverthe


Aldert in Entrepreneurship

Loyverse Point of Sale





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