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Social Media: A Powerful Marketing Ally for SME’s

Over the years, social media has transformed from just an innovative idea to an absolute necessity for marketers. It has proven to be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to reach specific audiences and customers. Of all media marketing platforms, social media platforms have turned all other traditional marketing mediums nearly obsolete.  Social media allows you to interact directly and engage with your customers, potential customers, and other businesses. If you’re still not sp


Chooli in Entrepreneurship

Ace Visual Merchandising and Increase Traffic to Your Retail Store

Like it or not, customers do judge a book by its cover when it comes to your brick-and-mortar store. In fact, they make judgments about whether you will have what they need in the first eight seconds of walking past your store. And once they’re two seconds past the door, they won't turn around.  This means you have roughly four seconds to grab their attention. That’s a wee amount of time to set a good impression, and if you fail to do that, well, they’re most likely heading straight to your


Chooli in Entrepreneurship

Insanely Effective Sales Promotion Tactics for Retail

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, how about you delve into the tried and tested method of sales promotions to increase sales? Sales promotion is proven to be a great way to ramp up sales, attract new customers, a powerful customer retention tactic, and an incredible way to take advantage of seasonal opportunities.  Sales promotions are short-term marketing strategies that drive sales by stirring up the urgency for the customer to purchase products. Because really, who doesn’t

Significantly Improve Your Retail Checkout Process With These Easy Tips

Let’s face it. We all hate that long queue leading to the cashier. In most cases, a slow checkout process results in frustrated shoppers and poor customer service satisfaction, which can mean a slump in sales. Although it may seem like a long line is good for business, a survey of grocery store buyers showed that 32% of customers choose to shop elsewhere to avoid a long line, while 11% of shoppers abandon their trip entirely. Clearly, every second counts at the checkout counter. While

9 Retail Techniques to Drive Sales

Sales, sales, sales. Every retailer has their eyes on the prize. Many businesses go above and beyond to get more of that. If you stumbled upon this article, chances are you're looking for new ideas to increase sales in your business.  Maybe you’re looking to stand out from the fierce competition, or perhaps you just want to brush up on your retail selling skills. Whatever it is, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to share with you 9 Techniques to Drive Sales.  Check th

5 Ways to Turn Your Coffee Shop Customers Into Regulars

With a market that never runs out and a failure rate of 10%, it is no wonder why the coffee shop industry will never, ever go out of style. Yes, we said it. In the coffee world, no matter where you are, you will never lack a market for your product, and not many businesses have that as a bragging right. With demand so high and competition so fierce, how do you stand out from the pack? How do you turn your customers into regulars? Today, we are going to talk about coffee shop loyalty and cus

#ShopLocal: It’s Showtime for Local SME’s

Yes, you read that right; #The ShopLocal trend is taking over the world one small retail business at a time! Nearly every aspect of life had experienced a dramatic shift when the COVID19 pandemic broke out, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of retail. Now, if you think this pandemic is slowing down chances for your small business to succeed, read on. Because this might be the year you get your big break. The drastic change in customers’ shopping habits is becoming mor


Chooli in Entrepreneurship

Tiny but Fierce: Are Nano Businesses the Future?

We’re going to say it, loud and proud: small businesses are the backbone of the economy. The Federation of Small Businesses reports nearly 6 million businesses with fewer than 50 employees, with half the gross revenue of the entire private sector. Some of these businesses are very small – so small that they are run entirely by the business owner alone. These tiny but fierce businesses thriving today in the competitive market are called “nano businesses,” with “fewer than one” people engaged


Chooli in Entrepreneurship

Best Inventory Management Software for Small to Medium Businesses

When running a food service or retail business, it is crucial to evaluate it regularly to ensure that you’re on the right track. One of the most integral parts of your business is managing your inventory. Inventory management is an essential part of supply chain management that ensures you have the right products in the correct quantity for sale at the right time. How has your small business’s inventory management been so far?  Have you had the right products and the right quantit


Chooli in Entrepreneurship

9 Game-Changing Tips Every Small Business Owner Must Do to Grow Their Business

With the vaccines being rolled out in all parts of the globe and as the economy reopens, things are beginning to look up again for small businesses. Small business owners are hopeful that now is the best time to take that plunge or level up the way they run their business, as chances for profits are on the rise. To be successful, you will need to grab your consumer's attention and make your business stand out from competitors.  Here are 9 game-changing tips every small business owners

Five Quick Tips to Level Up the Way You Run Your Restaurant Business

Keeping your restaurant business up and running amidst the fierce competition and rapidly changing trends can be challenging. Seasonality, the economy, and even trends, so many factors come into play for people to continuously choose your restaurant. But one thing is constant for restaurateurs: no matter how much you sell, there is always something you can do to level up the way you run your restaurant business to increase sales and improve overall customer satisfaction. Long gone are those

You would never believe the humble beginnings of these business tycoons...

Everybody knows the challenges and risks of starting your own business. As tempting and promising as it may seem in our imagination, there is always a lingering hesitation we find at the back of our heads whether we would be able to succeed. Everyone has to start somewhere, and many of the most successful entrepreneurs came from very humble beginnings. These entrepreneurs started small but grew their companies to worldwide brands. They started with nothing and still hit dizzying heights of

How to promote your business online

Nowadays, there is a rising trend of businesses going from the traditional brick-and-mortar store to online. When the pandemic broke off, urging people to make certain adjustments such as refraining from physical contact, we found ourselves doing more and more things online. Instead of going to the office, we start to work remotely. Even businesses were no exceptions to the transition by switching from running their physical shops to e-commerce. Analysis from UNCTAD has found global e-commerce s

How to use a POS system in a retail store?

Running a retail store requires an array of skills in administration, management, and marketing. From ensuring that your inventory is stocked up to putting together monthly sales reports and summaries, these skills are necessary for your store to run smoothly. Having an efficient Point of Sale system can go a long way, so you can rest assured that all your operations are centralized and work simultaneously. What is a POS And How Does It Work in Retail? The Point of Sale (POS) refe

Surviving the Retail Apocalypse

Between 2010 and 2013, mall visits decreased by 50%, and the trend continued until the present. Even more, when pandemic struck in 2020, driving all physical retail stores shut. This occurrence has been happening in Southeast Asia for several years, but very few realize that this is the retail apocalypse.  Despite growing optimism about the end of the pandemic, research has predicted that about 10,000 stores could close in the U.S. alone this year. This number will set a record high for a n

Why is the coffee shop business a good business?

If you have started spreading the word that you want to dive right into the coffee shop business, you've most likely gotten some raised eyebrows from dubious friends and family. So if you need a little more push or encouragement, read on! Opening a coffee shop can be highly profitable if you do it right. Come to think of it, most specialty coffee shops are likely to be full of customers any time of the day enjoying coffee, espresso, lattes, teas, desserts, and an exciting variety of pa

Why does restaurant food taste better?

Food holds the power to change our mood, our feeling and attitude toward something. It has a healing power – a protective blanket that touches our soul- almost like a therapeutic session. A good hearty meal can influence our perspective. But people sometimes tend to forget the fact that the food cooked in the home tastes different than the one cooked in the restaurant. When we set off to cook a meal, be it for our family or a romantic evening for two, we would often start with a v

The best affiliate marketing software for small to medium businesses

Affiliate marketing is a powerful marketing strategy by which a company taps into a network of affiliates to promote their products on their site. The affiliates are then paid a commission based on the amount of traffic, conversions, leads or sales generated by the promotion.  By partnering with affiliates, which mostly consists of influencers, bloggers, paid search focused microsites, email lists and large media websites to help you promote your business, you will significantly expand your

Best online money transfer providers for small to medium businesses

While maintaining inflated cash flow as their top priority, more and more businesses nowadays are leaning towards accepting payments online. As we aim to grow our sales with lesser boundaries, targeting global audiences, it is important to have a system that caters to the needs and convenience of our customers worldwide. Fortunately, there is an expanding selection of platforms and services to make money transfer from one online account to another in a cheaper, faster and more hassle-free way. 

Best online payment systems for small to medium businesses

No matter what business you’re in or where you are in the world, there is a way to receive payments online. Online payment systems are third party payment providers that help businesses receive payments from their customers on the e-commerce website or online service platform. This is done via a user-made account, email address or credit card.  Online payments have evolved significantly over the recent years as more consumers are becoming more digitally savvy and opting for the more technol

5 Most Important Features of POS Systems to Improve your Business Operations

Point of sale (POS) systems are becoming the technology of choice for organizations looking to thrive in the cutthroat business industry.  Grand View Research reveals that the POS software market surpassed $9.3 billion last year and will reach $18.1 billion by 2027. This increase can be attributed to its ability to automate sales processes, monitor inventory, and provide businesses real-time data and reports. It can also help businesses make quick and educated decisions to increase store pr

Best Franchise for Food Retail Businesses

Retail franchising gives merchants and entrepreneurs the experience of owning a business without some of the risks and mistakes startups often make. By running an already established system of operations, your business is much more proven and secured. Not to mention not needing to invest much on advertisement and brand recognition, since those are already a given upon purchase of the franchise. You can also always count on support and advice from the franchisor and other franchisees to help you

Best Accounting Firms

Productive work and the success of any business directly depends on the professionalism and quality of accounting. Observing the deadlines for filing reports, timely and correct payment of taxes, correct charges, timely posting of primary documentation, drawing up declarations are conditions that have a direct impact on the fruitful work of all departments of a company or enterprise. Accounting allows the company to avoid misunderstandings with the authorities and representatives of tax ser


Aldert in Entrepreneurship

How to create a pleasant atmosphere to attract customers to the grocery store

Modern retail is working to create a positive emotional atmosphere in stores. We've collected a few tools to help your grocery shop or supermarket create a sales-boosting atmosphere. The buyer chooses a shopping place where he or she feels comfortable, pleasant, beautiful, convenient, joyful, fun, and also where he or she is appreciated, loved, and expected. All of these are about positive emotions. A good atmosphere will cause immediate sales growth and generally increase customers’ loyalt


Aldert in Entrepreneurship

Best loan platforms for small and medium business

Very often, small and medium businesses need financing. Ether it is the replenishment of working capital when there are cash flow gaps - you have not received payment for bills issued to consumers, but you need to pay your bills. Or you decided, for example, to buy new equipment to take your business to a new level. In other words, you need to find investment for development.  For years banks took the role of providing loans for businesses, but nowadays, many other online platforms can offe


Aldert in Entrepreneurship

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