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Spring Into Action: Get Your Coffee Shop Ready For The Season



As the weather gets warmer and people start to come out of winter hibernation, coffee shops are the perfect place to socialize, relax, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. This is why coffee shops are one of the spring season's most popular and profitable businesses.

If you’re still in doubt, this article will explore why a coffee shop is the best business this season and how you can prepare your shop for spring.

Why is a coffee shop a good business this spring?


Firstly, coffee shops are a great place to escape the erratic spring weather. While the temperatures are mostly mild and enjoyable during this time of year, it’s not unusual for a sudden shower or frigid breeze to ruin outdoor plans. Coffee shops provide a cozy and welcoming atmosphere where customers can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea with their favorite sweets while they seek shelter.

Additionally, isn’t spring a time of new beginnings and rejuvenation? Many people start their day with a cup of coffee, and visiting a coffee shop can be a great way to kick-start this new season. Why not? Coffee shops provide an energizing and refreshing atmosphere that boosts productivity and creativity. This is especially important during the spring, when people often try to shake off the lethargy of winter and hop back into a more active routine.


Another reason coffee shops are a good business during spring is that this is the best time to offer a variety of seasonal drinks and treats. During this time of the year, many coffee shops introduce new flavors and beverages, such as iced coffees, fruit juices and smoothies, and refreshing teas. These drinks are perfect for the spring weather and can attract new customers looking to try something new. Also, coffee shops often offer seasonal treats, such as pastries and baked goods, perfect for picnics and snacking in springtime.

Finally, coffee shops are a wonderful place to socialize and connect with friends, co-workers, and family. After a long winter, people are excited to get out of the house and socialize. You can always count on a coffee shop to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment where customers can catch up over a cup of coffee. This social aspect of coffee shops is essential during the spring when people are starting to emerge from their winter shells and reconnect with the world around them.

Springtime Coffee Shop Hacks

Spring is the perfect time to give your coffee shop a fresh new look and attract new customers. Here are some tips on how to spruce up your coffee shop business for the spring season:

Spring-themed menu items


Offer seasonal drinks and pastries that feature flavors like lemon, raspberry, and lavender. Consider using fresh herbs like mint or basil to create refreshing, light drinks.

There are a variety of spring-themed coffee shop menu items that you can consider adding to your menu. Here are a few ideas:

Iced drinks: As the weather starts to warm up, customers may be more interested in iced coffee, iced tea, and iced lattes. Consider adding some refreshing iced drink options to your menu to appeal to customers during the spring season.

Floral or fruity flavors: Spring is a time when flowers and fruits begin to bloom, so consider adding menu items that incorporate these flavors. For example, you could offer a lavender latte or a strawberry smoothie.


Pastries and baked goods: Spring is a great time to introduce new pastries and baked goods to your menu. You could offer seasonal items like fruit tarts, lemon bars, or berry scones.

Fresh salads and sandwiches: As customers start to look for lighter and fresher fare, consider adding salads and sandwiches to your menu. You could offer a strawberry and spinach salad or a grilled chicken and avocado sandwich.

Spring-inspired latte art: To add a touch of spring to your coffee drinks, consider incorporating some spring-inspired latte art. For example, you could create a tulip or butterfly design on top of a latte.

Spring tea blends: For customers who prefer tea over coffee, consider offering spring-inspired tea blends like chamomile and lavender or green tea with jasmine.

Overall, adding spring-themed menu items to your coffee shop menu can help attract new customers and keep regulars coming back for more.

Refresh your menu


Take a look at your menu and consider adding new items or tweaking existing ones to better reflect the season. This could include adding salads or lighter fare to your lunch menu or introducing a new seasonal drink.

Refreshing your coffee shop menu for spring can help attract new customers and keep regulars excited about your offerings. Here are some tips for refreshing your coffee shop menu for spring:

Review your current menu: Take a look at your current menu and see what items are popular and what items may not be selling as well. This will help you determine which items to keep, which to update, and which to remove from your menu.

Incorporate seasonal ingredients: Spring is a great time to incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients into your menu. Consider adding fruits like strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries to your drinks and pastries. You can also add fresh herbs like mint, basil, or lavender to your drinks or salads.

Update your pastry selection: Spring is a great time to update your pastry selection with lighter, fresher options. Consider adding fruit tarts, lemon bars, or berry scones to your menu.


Consider savory options: In addition to sweet treats, consider adding savory options to your menu. You could add fresh salads or sandwiches with seasonal ingredients, like asparagus or avocado.

Offer specials: Introduce seasonal specials to your menu to keep customers excited about your offerings. This could be a seasonal drink or pastry that's only available for a limited time.

Offer seasonal drinks and treats: Take advantage of the fresh produce available during spring and create seasonal drinks and treats that are perfect for the warmer weather. This could include iced coffee, fruit smoothies, or lighter, more refreshing baked goods.

Fresh ingredients: Use fresh, seasonal ingredients like strawberries, rhubarb, and asparagus in your menu items. This will give your customers a taste of what's in season and showcase your commitment to using fresh ingredients.

Outdoor seating


Take advantage of the warmer weather by setting up outdoor seating. This could include tables and chairs on the sidewalk, or a patio area in front of the shop.

Comfortable seating: Make sure to choose outdoor furniture that is comfortable and weather-resistant. How about adding cushions or pillows to your chairs to make them even more inviting.

Umbrellas or awnings: Providing shade for your outdoor seating area is important during the spring and summer months. Umbrellas or awnings can provide much-needed shade and protect customers from the sun.

Greenery: Add some plants or flowers to your outdoor seating area to make it feel more inviting and cozy. Hanging baskets or potted plants can add a pop of color and make your outdoor area feel more lush.

Lighting: Consider adding string lights or lanterns to your outdoor seating area to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the evenings.

Privacy screens: If your outdoor seating area is near a busy street or sidewalk, consider adding some privacy screens to create a more intimate and comfortable space for customers.

By creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor seating area for your coffee shop, you can attract new customers and provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your regulars.

Brighten Up The Decor


Add some spring touches to the shop by decorating with flowers, greenery, and pastel colors. Consider displaying artwork by local artists that features springtime scenes. Use fresh flowers, colorful tablecloths, and bright, spring-themed decorations to create a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere. Consider adding some outdoor seating or opening up your windows to let in more natural light.

Easter Promotions

Plan special promotions or events for the Easter holiday, such as an Easter egg hunt, brunch specials, or spring-themed giveaways.

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22nd.Emphasize your commitment to sustainability by promoting Earth Day initiatives. This could include using compostable or reusable cups, offering discounts for customers who bring in their own reusable cups, or hosting a beach or Spring-themed menu items: Offer seasonal drinks and pastries that feature flavors like lemon, raspberry, and lavender. Consider using fresh herbs like mint or basil to create refreshing, light drinks.


Spring-inspired merchandise

Sell spring-inspired merchandise like tote bags, t-shirts, and mugs featuring flowers, birds, or other spring themes.

Spring events

Host events that celebrate the season, like a springtime garden party, a flower arranging workshop, or a spring-themed poetry reading. Spring is a great time to host events that will attract new customers and keep regulars coming back. Consider hosting a spring-themed trivia night, open mic night, or charity event.

Partner with other Businesses

Consider partnering with other businesses in your area to cross-promote your coffee shop. This could include offering discounts to customers who show a receipt from a neighboring store or hosting a joint event with a local business.

Social media marketing

Use social media to showcase your spring-themed menu items, decorations, and events. Encourage customers to share photos of their drinks and treats on social media using a specific hashtag, and feature the best photos on your own accounts. Use social media to promote your spring offerings and events. Create eye-catching graphics and posts that showcase your seasonal drinks and treats and encourage customers to visit.

Train your staff

Make sure your staff is prepared for the influx of customers that come with the spring season. Train them on new menu items, seasonal drinks, and customer service techniques that will keep customers coming back.

Use A Coffee Shop POS


Transform your coffee shop business this spring with a smart, intuitive and easy to use POS System. By employing a coffee shop POS into your business, you can give your baristas the possibility to quickly and accurately serve customers. They can take orders via tablet or smartphone, send them to the kitchen on display or tickets. You can also use a Customer Display system for an easy way of taking orders.

Hailed as the top POS for coffee shops in 2023 by Forbes Advisors, Loyverse POS can do all the coffee shop jobs for you: order management, inventory management, employee management, visual sales analytics, customers loyalty program, and a lot more.

The Bottomline

In conclusion, coffee shops are a good business during spring for countless reasons. So whether your customers are looking for a quiet place to work, a refreshing beverage, or a place to catch up with friends, a coffee shop is the perfect business during springtime.

By following these tips, you can spruce up your coffee shop business for the spring season and attract new customers while keeping regulars coming back. With a little effort, you can create a welcoming and festive atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the season and makes your coffee shop stand out from the competition.

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