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Loyverse: A Recipe for Restaurant Success and Innovation

In our exclusive interview with Ahmed Meligy, the visionary owner of the thriving restaurant Noi Metropoli, we delve into the inspiration behind his restaurant’s creation and the secrets to its remarkable success. As a seasoned professional in the events and entertainment industry, Ahmed transitioned into the realm of stand-alone lounges and restaurants, driven by the changing interests of his community. His passion for food and the desire to provide an exceptional dining experience led him on a


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Syrian Sweet Success in Belgium: A Loyverse Customer's Journey

In our interview with Saddam Shkair, the proprietor of a Syrian sweet shop located in Brussels, we delve into the story of a unique culinary venture that combines traditional flavors with modern business acumen. Saddam's journey began while studying management at the university, where he hatched the idea of introducing Syrian culture to the international community through the sweet delights of his homeland. Four years ago, he realized his vision, opening his first shop in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode a


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Revolutionizing Retail Management: A Journey with Loyverse!

In the world of small businesses, the journey to success often involves overcoming numerous challenges. Meet a dedicated entrepreneur whose journey has been significantly transformed with the help of Loyverse. This exclusive interview provides insights into the experiences of a loyal Loyverse customer in the automotive industry. Dive into this inspiring story of success as Mr Sadiq, the owner of Jioni Automotive, offers valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs on the cusp of their retail journ


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From Startup Struggles to Success: Little Jinja's Loyverse Journey

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, the journey of Little Jinja, a charming restaurant located in Uganda, stands out as an inspiring tale of resilience and adaptability. Founded seven years ago, this venture initially embarked on an entirely different path, attempting various business endeavors, from supermarkets to salons. However, it was their pivot to the restaurant industry that ultimately propelled their success. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the story o


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Growing Success: A Loyverse-Powered Journey in Retail with Grondsels

In the world of retail, where adaptability and efficient transaction management are key to success, the story of Grondsels shines as a beacon of entrepreneurial ingenuity. Nestled in the heart of an agricultural and camping equipment business, Grondsels, helmed by the dynamic duo of Janetta Sikken and Jan de Morrée, has flourished over the past three and a half years. What sets their journey apart is their strategic embrace of Loyverse POS, a versatile point-of-sale system that has been at the h


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Baking Success: How Loyverse POS Revolutionized Our Bakery Business

In this insightful interview, we sit down with a dedicated Loyverse POS customer who operates a unique blend of businesses—an amalgamation of a bakery, a school, and a bustling bakery market. Over the course of the past 11 months, they have harnessed the power of Loyverse to streamline their diverse operations. Discover their journey as they share their reasons for choosing Loyverse, reflecting on the software's adaptability and scalability.   How long have you been using Loyverse, and

Cultivating Success: Insights from a Laundromat Entrepreneur on Branch Expansion using Loyverse POS

It might seem easy for passive income businesses like laundromats to start one and let it run. However, when we talk about expansion, there are some key points that must be integrated to avoid making big mistakes. Joel has shared his experience with us, and hopefully, he will provide you with some insights before you make such a decision. A short introduction about yourself: My name is Joel, and I'm from the Philippines. I have been involved in the laundromat industry for four years.

Celebrating Success: Kijani Beach Villas’ Journey with Loyverse

Kijani Beach Villas, a charming boutique family hotel nestled along the pristine shoreline, offers a haven of tranquility and indulgence. Each villa boasts a distinctive vista, allowing you to awaken to the mesmerizing sunrise right from your bed. For added relaxation, take a refreshing plunge in your private rooftop Jacuzzi or partake in a sunrise yoga session on the enchanting first-floor deck of the sea-view restaurant. Families with children will find joy in the pools, playground, and kid-fr


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From Manual to Mastery: How an entrepreneur from the Dominican Republic Transformed His Beachside Business Empire with Loyverse

In this opportunity, we meet Mr. Ariel, who shares with us how, with his experience, curiosity, and planning, he has used the best resources at his disposal and has become a successful entrepreneur in his region.   How long have you been using Loyverse? How did you manage the data of your business before Loyverse? Previously, we did all the business management manually, but due to the flow of the business, we needed to implement a different system. I was interested in a point of s

A Hospitality Resto-Bar rocks the town by offering more than just drinks

Bars might be a tempting idea for hanging out and getting some drinks. However, some owners, like Mr. Min Jin, want to go beyond the status quo and further grow their businesses.   How about a brief self-introduction and an overview of your business?   My name is Min Jin, and I am a civil entrepreneur involved in various businesses, including real estate investment, hotels, and hospitality. Our resto-bar relies heavily on the Loyverse POS system for our operations.

From Co-Working to Culinary Triumph: The Serendipitous Journey of a Madagascar Restaurant Entrepreneur with Loyverse

Discover the remarkable journey of Harivony and her husband, an entrepreneurial couple from Madagascar who transformed their co-working space into a thriving restaurant sensation. In an exclusive interview, they share their inspiring tale of how a simple realization about catering services led them to embrace the culinary world. From navigating the challenges of a pandemic-hit opening to harnessing the power of Loyverse POS to streamline operations, their story exemplifies resilience, adaptation


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Using Loyverse as an ally in the growth of a business with the management of reports.

We had an interview with Mr. Sebastian Carranza, owner of La Formula Café and Servicentro Cabañas located in Guatemala, who was looking for ways to facilitate the management of his two businesses and found a great ally in Loyverse.   How long have you been using Loyverse? And what made you choose Loyverse's point of sale and system? I have been using Loyverse for 6 months for two types of business, one is a restaurant and the other is a gas station. I was trying to manage all the

Empowering Retail Success in Kenya: A Loyverse Customer's Journey to Entrepreneurship

Welcome to our inspiring interview with Gedion Yego, a successful entrepreneur hailing from Kenya. Gedion is the proud owner of a General shop that sells both food items and nonfood stuff at retail and wholesale prices. Taking over the family business in 2021, Gedion embarked on a journey of discovery, learning the ropes of entrepreneurship along the way. In November 2022, he discovered Loyverse POS, a game-changing point-of-sale system that revolutionized the way he manages his business. Join u


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How To Create A Good Take-Out Menu For Your Summer Business - Your Recipe for Success!

Summertime is perfect for small businesses to make the most of the season’s vibrant energy. People who head out to soak up the sun and enjoy outdoor activities also watch out for delightful meals they can savor on the go. As a savvy cafe or restaurant owner, creating an enticing take-out menu can be your secret ingredient to boost sales and provide your customers with a memorable dining experience.  In this blog, we’ll explore valuable tips to help you plan and create a mouthwatering take-o

A Young Spanish Restaurant found financial peace thanks to Loyverse POS

In the northwest side of Spain, we have a hardworking chef David from A Coruña, who started his entrepreneurial journey cooking in 5-star hotels. Due to the stress of such labor, he decided to quit everything to find a place and especially the time to cook for love and work enough. Let’s see how such a transition, the restaurant “Casaperucho” came to exist.   What is your business about and how did you start?   My business was a life-changing decision. I used to work as an ex

Embrace the Great Outdoors: Summer Business Ideas and Opportunities for Small Businesses

The warm and sunny summer days bring many exciting possibilities for small businesses. As the world reawakens and people yearn for outdoor experiences, now is the perfect time for small business owners to explore the potential of outdoor ventures. Whether you’re looking to launch a pop-up shop, participate in outdoor markets or fairs, or expand your outdoor seating, this week’s blog post will provide ideas and tips to make the most of the summer months. Launch a Pop-Up Shop Pop-up

Summer Networking Events: Elevate Your Small Business through Knowledge and Connections

As the summer sun shines brightly, small business owners have a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge, build personal connections, and take their ventures to new heights. Summer networking events provide the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to engage with like-minded professionals, industry experts, and potential customers. In this blog, we will highlight some of the local networking events, conferences, and industry gatherings that small business owners can participate in to en

Best Ways Small Businesses Can Plan for Mid-Year Business Reviews

Happy July, small business owners! And congratulations, you have made it halfway through the year. As we reach the midpoint of another exciting year,  it is the perfect time for small business owners to conduct a mid-year business review. Mid-year business reviews allow you to assess your progress, analyze financial performance, and adjust your strategies for the remainder of the year.  But before we dive into it, why are business reviews important? It’s simply to establish awareness of how

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere In Your Restaurant: Enhance Customer Experience with a Smart POS

As a small business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to build a loyal customer base, and in today’s competitive restaurant market, just having delicious and Instagram-worthy food isn’t enough. Providing an exceptional customer experience is crucial to attracting and retaining patrons. How do you create a welcoming environment for your customers and stand out in the competition? One effective way to enhance your customers’ dining experience is by incorporating a smart POS system in

Summer Staff Training: 7 Tips to Prep Your Team for a Busy Season

With the increased customer demand and bustling activity, the summer season is considered one of the busiest seasons for small businesses. During this time, small businesses in various industries gear up to meet these demands. It is essential to invest in staff training to ensure your business operates smoothly and delivers top-quality service during this busy time. Staff training not only enhances their skills but also boosts morale, improves customer satisfaction, and contributes to the o

Father's Day Specials: Unique Ways to Honor Dads in Your Coffee Shop

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to celebrate and honor the remarkable men in our lives. As a small business owner, you can create a memorable experience for fathers and their loved ones in your coffee shop. This Father’s Day, go beyond the traditional gifts and cards and treat dads to something truly unique. In this blog, we'll explore exciting ideas and specials to make your coffee shop the go-to destination for families looking to celebrate Father’s Day on June 18th.

Going Green with a Smart POS System: Embracing Sustainability through E-Receipts

In celebration of World Environment Day, we reflect on the importance of sustainability in every aspect of our lives. For small business owners, incorporating sustainable practices is an opportunity to contribute to a greener planet and attract environmentally-conscious customers. Fortunately, in today’s digital age, businesses have found innovative ways to reduce paper waste and embrace sustainable practices. As a forward-thinking business owner, investing in a smart Point of Sale (POS) sy

Top 10 Small Business Marketing Tips for Summer 2023

Welcome to the blazing hot summer of 2023, where the heat is on, and so is the competition! As the temperature rises, small businesses everywhere are gearing up to captivate customers and make their mark this season. If you’re a small business owner, this blog is your go-to guide for sizzling success. Get ready to unlock the secrets of crafting effective marketing campaigns tailored specifically for the summer months. Undoubtedly,  people’s attention spans are shorter than ever in this digi

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