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Ousi and Loyverse, the perfect combination to improve Customer experience without wasting time and effort.



Nelson Osorio is one of the owners of OUSI, a company seeking to enter the clothing manufacturing, distribution, and sales market. Ousi has found in Loyverse the bond to continue to grow and make its way toward new goals.


What makes OUSI stand out in the market?

We are a resilient company eager to be recognized nationally and globally. We offer good service to our customers, who are the reason for our growth and essence. We are constantly looking for different strategies, and in this case, with Loyverse, we implemented improvements in the sales processes. We stand out for being a company with a hunger to grow and move forward with our project. We also stand out for the fact that everything we sell is our own brand; we are manufacturers. 


How long ago did you start the business?

We have two physical stores. We have been working with the first store for two years and with the second one for one year, and we started implementing Loyverse last year for the two stores, which are located in different cities.



At what point did you look for and start using Loyverse?

Since we started with our first store, we saw the need to implement a system because manual sales are super time-consuming, especially since we do retail sales and wholesale. Manual invoicing is very laborious when there are many units. For this reason, we were looking for tools to facilitate this process within the store. Some systems had an expensive value, and for an entrepreneur who is starting out and has a lot of expenses, it was not possible to add an additional expense.

After a few months, my partner’s wife, who owns an ice cream shop, recommended Loyverse to us. I searched the internet with YouTube videos. At first glance, it seemed very friendly for the entrepreneur, so we decided to implement it in the first store for testing; as it fits our needs in facilitating the sales process with our customers, we implemented it in the second store.


Concerning the sales process, do you have any specific needs for your business?

Mainly to give the customer his physical sales receipt because we use the receipt printer. Our relationship with the customer has changed because, in our business, it is advantageous to deliver this receipt; if the customer needs a refund or guarantee, he has his physical receipt to do this procedure with us. Additionally, we can use the Dashboard application to review the sales report in real time. In addition, the Back office reports per store help identify the store that sells the most, the category with the most sales, and the top-sold items. These are some of the many positive points that we find with Loyverse.




When you started, how would you rate this first overall experience with Loyverse in terms of difficulty?

It seemed simple to me. I am a curious person, and I like to experiment and explore. I explored the back office a lot, and if any doubt arose, I would go to the videos. You quickly become familiar with the system. We offer ladies’ garments of different types, and creating our products using inventory management tools and variants was quite simple.


What was the tool that led you to choose Loyverse?

In general, everything, but I would emphasize the option to give a printed invoice to the customer and customize this receipt. You can put the store logo and add general information about the store, such as address, phone, and social networks, in the header. It is also possible to review the purchase information because it is possible to add comments when adding an item, which serves as additional information for the customer. Another tool I liked was the refunds; if the customer needs a refund, we can add the terms and conditions for changes and guarantees on the receipt footer, which is also available in the free version. The customization of this receipt gives our business a big company feel.



Has the information provided by Loyverse helped you make decisions within the company?

Having access to a more detailed sales report has helped us save a lot of time and work. We have all the information at our fingertips. From the back office, the sales by item report gives us information on the top 5 products that are selling. From the dashboard application, we can also see the other items that have been sold. Apart from the top 5, we can see in the report sales by category how many units have been sold. All this information is essential for decision-making.


Considering your growth process, how did your business management change after using Loyverse?

Everywhere we look, there are positive points. First, when we made the sales, they were all done by hand. When there were too many garments, all the work was multiplied. It was also negative for the customer because the billing process was delayed, and the customer had to wait.

On the other hand, discounting the garments, the general balance of sales, etc., was also manual.

After Loyverse, all our work has become easier, mainly for me as owner and administrator. Before, I had to count each closing one by one. However, now all that information is available in the Loyverse reports, and I only take one day a week to review everything.



Was your relationship with customers affected by the use of Loyverse?

With Loyverse, our brand has grown in that aspect, and so has our relationship with our customers. Because in the type of business we run, delivering a printed receipt with so many details shows the customer the quality of our attention and service. Besides this, it generates curiosity for the customer and even other entrepreneurs because everything is handled wirelessly and gives an air of modernity to our business.


How do you see the future of your company in the coming years? What are your short—and long-term goals?

In the short term, initially, with the issue of the production of our garments, we want it to be faster; we are currently working on that. Our collections have been launched with very long lapses of time. Now we are bringing them out faster so that our customers find more variety whenever they come. In the medium term, we are going to improve social media marketing to improve physical sales, implementing sales through social networks and the Internet to increase our turnover.



Do you have a final message for readers?

The message we would like to share with all entrepreneurs is never to stop working on your venture; if you have already started, if you are there, do not give up; things do not happen overnight; to grow, it takes a lot of effort, sometimes with tears. To make a business go forward is a full-time job, and sometimes, there are moments when it seems we can no longer continue, and it appears that the time we invest is not worth it, but you must firmly believe in yourselves because every effort is rewarded.


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