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Baking Success: How Loyverse POS Revolutionized Our Bakery Business



In this insightful interview, we sit down with a dedicated Loyverse POS customer who operates a unique blend of businesses—an amalgamation of a bakery, a school, and a bustling bakery market. Over the course of the past 11 months, they have harnessed the power of Loyverse to streamline their diverse operations. Discover their journey as they share their reasons for choosing Loyverse, reflecting on the software's adaptability and scalability.


How long have you been using Loyverse, and what type of business do you run?

The Semilla Bread is a bakery, a school, and we have a bakery market. We have these different types of businesses and manage multiple stores on the same account in Loyverse, and we have been using the system for 11 months.




What was the main reason you chose Loyverse?

I was researching some POS systems, and Loyverse was the one that best suited what I needed at the time, first because I needed to start with a free software and secondly because I saw the possibility of growing along with Loyverse, using other tools such as employee management. 

How was your overall experience in terms of ease of use? What were the first tools you configured in your Loyverse account?

Actually, the system is very user-friendly, and the information that Loyverse gives us from the help center allows us to quickly find the information about the focus you want to give to your business. In my case, the most important thing was the management of the inventory of items and how to make sales.




What impact did Loyverse generate when comparing before and after implementing it in your business?

Concerning sales management, the operating system is quite extensive. When I started with the business, such as in retail sales, in May and June, all sales were not handled digitally, so when we implemented Loyverse in August, we felt a significant improvement in the work environment.  

In relation to inventory management, what tools do you use in Loyverse? 

I do the inventory control of the items, the low stock notifications, and the Dashboard application has daily supervision of the sales and also review and make an inventory control with the list of items and the notifications that the Dashboard shows me, this information I use to know which items to order to my supplier.  In the future, I would like to manage the Advanced Inventory because I need a tool that allows me to make purchase orders only with the items from my supplier that are in low stock. 




How has the information that Loyverse provides you, such as sales or receipt reports, helped you make decisions in your business?

For my business, the sales summary and the sales report by category have been essential when it comes to adding more inventory to a specific category. Also, a tool that has caught my attention is the possibility of managing shifts and within Employee Management the option to enter the time when the employee clocked in at the point of sale and at what time this employee left.


Finally, would you like to send a message to new entrepreneurs who may be inspired by your experience?

Yes, when we start everything is new and we look for the best solution that meets our needs but that is also within our possibilities. Our business has been growing and changing hand in hand with the Loyverse tools that are improving over time so it has become necessary to use more and more resources and it has been very useful to have the support of the Loyverse team to understand and adapt our business. I can say that with Loyverse we have seen the transformation of our process since we went from making sales and writing them down on paper to a more technological system and each advance encourages us to move forward.


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