Where I can find a list of all printers which support Loyverse POS?

Does exist somewhere a list of printers which supported by Loyverse POS?

I want to buy Proline XP-Q801 one but im afraid it wont work. Anyone used this printer before?
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According to one of our users, the Epson TM-TI82II (ethernet) works successfully with Loyverse for iOS. It's also good for adding a logo to your receipts. This is ehre our user post it: https://loyverse.town/epson-tm-ti82ii-printer-and-loyverse-pos

Loyverse POS has Android version and iOS version. And Loyverse POS was originally developed to work with printer from famous brand Star / Epson, the printer price is a bit high.

If Loyverse POS user is looking for a cheap good mobile printer, I will suggest our printer, we are very professional printer manufacturer and developer. you could contact us via email sales@eastroyce.com or directly read this link on our website www.pos-solution.net and select a right Loyverse printer from us.


For Android Loyverse POS,

If you need to select a cheap good quality printer, you could choose our printer with bluetooth interface(model: ER-58AER-80A) or wifi interface(model:ER-58W /ER-80WF) or wifi+bluetooth(model ER-80B2W) together interfaces , here is the video.


For iOS Loyverse POS, 

If you need to select a cheap good quality printer,then please choose our mobile printer with wifi interface(model:ER-58W /ER-80WF) . 

(note: only wifi interface supports iOS Loyverse POS).

Here is the video on how our ER-80WF wifi printer works with iOS Loyverse POS.

If you need to choose bluetooth interface, please just buy star printer due to iOS Loyverse POS can only work with expensive Star MFI certified bluetooth printer.

(note: must be Star MFI certified bluetooth printer)

ANTIList of printer which didn't work properly

1) Printer Thermal Bluetooth BellaV ZCS 103 (China production) - printed only short receipts, but on the long receipts it printed strange symbols

2) Rongta RP58-L (Ethernet) - 57 mm (2")  also not recomended printer. It starts printing a receiptand gradually slows down until it stops printing in the middle of the receipt.

In addition to the official list of printers, the Lovers can work with a mass of other devices.

But it should be noted that only in the "Other printer" mode.

I can specify here a list of printers that already work and have been checked by some users and some of them by me personally.

And also if someone has printers that are not on the list, you can write in the comment I will add them to the list

And also it 'd be good to send a link to the video where this printer works and a link to the manufacturer's website.

Let's make life better together! :)

List of supported printers

1. Sewoo LK-TE201 (Ethernet + USB)

2. Ronhta RP820 (Ethernet + USB + RS232) 

P.S. And also it would be great to make list for printers which doesn't work.

Supported Printers

Receipt printers compatible with Loyverse POS on Android devices:

  • Star TSP650II / TSP654IIBl (Bluetooth);
  • GP-58130IIC (Bluetooth);
  • GP-L80250II (Ethernet);
  • GP-58130IIC (Ethernet);
  • GP-U80300I (Ethernet);
  • Star TSP 100 / TSP143IIILAN (Ethernet);
  • Epson TM-T20II (Ethernet);
  • Epson TM-88IV  (Ethernet);
  • Epson TM-T88V (Ethernet);
  • Posiflex Aura 6900 (Ethernet);
  • Xprinter XP-Q200 (Ethernet);
  • XPrinter XP-Q800 (Ethernet);
  • Star mPOP.

However, for Android, you can try to connect another model, not from the Supported printers list. But be aware that not every printer may work with Loyverse POS!
How to Set Up Other Printers in Loyverse POS

These are general requirements for a receipt printer to be compatible with Loyverse POS on iOS devices:

  • support ESC/POS protocol;
  • have Ethernet or Bluetooth (only recomended models) interface.

Consult printer manual or manufacturer website to see if your receipt printer fits these requirements. If so, the printer may work with Loyverse POS, however, there might be special cases. To be 100% sure, please use a printer from the list of recommended models below:

  •  Star TSP654IIBl (Bluetooth);
  •  Star TSP 100 (Ethernet);
  •  Epson TM-T20II (Ethernet);
  •  Star mPOP.
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