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Best order fulfillment software for small to medium businesses

The effectiveness of your order processing system is definitely a make or break factor for your business. If you’re managing a swiftly growing one and you just would like to save yourself the trouble of late shifts for packing and shipping products, orders going to the wrong address, and other unwanted circumstances of the likes, you should probably be considering integrating an order fulfillment software to help you win in this part of management. Order fulfillment software programs are to


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A visionary entrepreneur runs a laundry cafe with Loyverse

LAUNDRAFÉ group runs various businesses, including cutting-edge technology in the Philippines, and Loyverse supports it. The word "LAUNDRAFÉ" is a combination of Laundry and cafe, where people can take a coffee and sweets while waiting for laundry.   - Could you explain about your business?   When I visited Japan in May of 2018, I saw a laundry cafe. The idea came to my mind. Because in my area in the Philippines, there are a lot of dormitories. After returning to my tow


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Best fulfillment service providers for small to medium businesses

When you're managing a start-up business and you don’t really deal with much volume of products, it’s easy to keep and track your inventory in your garage and make time to do the packaging and shipping yourself. However, fulfilling orders can quickly become a demanding task when your sales starts to increase, requiring you to invest in more storage space and additional equipment and staff. Fulfillment services companies are firms that provide assistance to your business in terms of receivin

Amkha Paris Bolivia find Loyverse to be the perfect POS system for their beauty products business

Amkha Paris Bolivia is a company founded by Michael Kang that is dedicated to selling beauty products. Michael Kang has chosen the country of Bolivia to run his business. Amkha Paris Bolivia sells cosmetics products, hair products, perfumes, and nutritional products as well. We had a short interview with Mr. Kang to learn more about the company’s business model and how Mr. Kang has integrated Loyverse into it. -Thank you for taking the time to have this interview with us today. Can you desc

Fulfilling your business needs with fulfillment services

Your product sales are increasing, your daily orders are larger in volumes, your business is expanding and so are your goals; and you’re looking for a great way to free up your time by helping you take care of things in-house. Time can be considered your greatest resource and it just makes total sense to enlist a business optimization procedure to give you just that. This is what fulfillment services are here for.  A fulfillment service is a third- party warehouse that prepares and ships or

Loyverse helps a young entrepreneur to manage an online Instagram shop at minimum cost

Mr.Kim Hav is a young entrepreneur from Cambodia, driving his business for 3 years, having mainly two online businesses. One is Techtronic providing electronic goods, such as smartphones. The other is a clothes shop called "brandedcambo.supply" on Instagram.   - What was the motivation to start your own business? First of all, I have a strong passion for success. Plus, Before starting my shop, I wanted to buy a brand that was not sold in Cambodia, such as LB, MCM, JVC, etc

Your one-stop guide to mergers and acquisitions for small to medium businesses

It is a common misconception to think that mergers and acquisitions, popularly referred to as M&A is only for large-scale, multi million businesses. Even in the local or regional set-up, M&A arrangements can be a power move for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The concept of fast growth and value generation through M&A works just as much for SME, as it does for larger ones. When executed the right way and with the aid of the right financial advisors, the synergy of your b


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5 Most Important Features of POS Systems to Improve your Business Operations

Point of sale (POS) systems are becoming the technology of choice for organizations looking to thrive in the cutthroat business industry.  Grand View Research reveals that the POS software market surpassed $9.3 billion last year and will reach $18.1 billion by 2027. This increase can be attributed to its ability to automate sales processes, monitor inventory, and provide businesses real-time data and reports. It can also help businesses make quick and educated decisions to increase store pr

Everything you need to know about customer loyalty programs

A customer loyalty program or rewards program is a structured marketing strategy that rewards loyal customers that frequently engage with a brand. It is a combination of the use of communication, commercial incentives, marketing tactics and even games and events in order for brands to build a strong and lasting relationship with their customers and heighten their retention. After decades of mastering and cultivating customer loyalty, Disneyland swears by their program as one of its leading

Family Business “Alraj” Experiences Improvements In Their Business As They Look Forward To Expanding

ALRAJ is a family business based in Burundi. They went into the business a couple of years ago as a single store selling cement and now they are distributors of building materials with 2 different locations. We reached out to them and Raj, the manager of the company, and was able to set up a meeting. Could you tell me more about how you started your business? Our business is a family business. My parents started this business. In Africa, particularly in Burundi, many of the businesses are in


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Best Loyalty Software Programs for Small to Medium Businesses

A customer loyalty program is a powerful marketing strategy that rewards loyal customers that frequently engage with your brand. By rewarding their recurring engagement you are building better relationships with your customers, which eventually leads to optimizing their loyalty and ensuring growth for your business. By giving your loyal customers coupons and discounts, you are also expressing your thanks to them and how much you appreciate that they choose your store. Aside from being an efficie


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Inventory management and POS from Loyverse helps to manage the Health and Beauty Store in Nicaragua

Tratamiento Capilar Nicaragua started its journey in 2014 by selling beauty products for the hair only via the internet using Facebook and other social networks. As they kept on growing, before 4 years, they managed to open a physical store. Tratamiento Capilar Nicaragua has been using Loyverse POS for almost 3 years now. We reached out to their representative for a short interview to learn more about their experience and how Loyverse POS has helped their business.   -May I ask yo


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Bus company issue ticket by Loyverse POS on SUNMI

Grand City Buses is a company which is running 38 buses in Bangkok. The business owner, Mr.Siriwat, inherited his parent's business 20 years ago when he was 28 years old. So in total, they have been operating bus service for 40+ years. His son is also going to inherit the company. Mr.Siriwat put Safety as a company core value and keeps educating his employees to be professional drivers. Especially against the COVID-19 pandemic, he obligated all passengers to put on a mask and all drive

What is a franchise business?

Launching a business, let alone running it is arduous and not for the faint of heart. The tedious process includes coming up with the idea, developing the business plan, finding and securing investors, products source, suppliers, finding a location, hiring employees and spreading the word through marketing, advertising, and social media. Despite going through all the hard work of all the steps, there’s always a lingering chance that a single lapse could cause the entire business to fail. Just li


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Healthy Juice from Qatar plans to be there for The World Cup

Loyverse team met with Healthy Juice from Qatar, they have juice stalls which provide fresh juice, hot drinks, bubble tea and waffles. Lately they have participated in a 20 days festival in one of the stadiums where World Cup 2022 will be held. They hope to expand and have locations in all World Cup Stadiums in Qatar and to educate people on the benefits of Fruit Juice.  How long have you been using Loyverse? We have been using it for a couple of years now, from around 2018. We


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Best Franchise for Food Retail Businesses

Retail franchising gives merchants and entrepreneurs the experience of owning a business without some of the risks and mistakes startups often make. By running an already established system of operations, your business is much more proven and secured. Not to mention not needing to invest much on advertisement and brand recognition, since those are already a given upon purchase of the franchise. You can also always count on support and advice from the franchisor and other franchisees to help you

Loyverse helps to improve work efficiency in Sai Wine cafe from Ghana

Sai Wine LTD is a Cafe located in Ghana. They focus on providing unique wine experiences to their customers, such as wine and food pairing events, wine tasting events, and so on. We reached out to their representative, Theresah, for an interview. A meeting was set with Sai Wine LTD CEO, Nadia who shared about their experience using Loyverse. - Why and how did you start your business? For me, it was a spiritual calling to start the business. It was something that when I was on holida

Loyverse POS was Awarded as one of the Top20 Point of Sale Solutions in 2021 by Crozdesk

On January 14, 2021, Crozdesk has published the list of the best 20 solutions among the Point of Sale (POS) Software for Retail.  Loyverse POS received the total result of 86 points out of 100 possible with a high score of users satisfaction 89%, 58/100 scores of market presence, and 4.5 / 5 of user ratings. The software comparison portal Crozdesk.com creates the featured list of the best 20 products determined by the unbiased, category-specific Crozscore ranking methodology. http


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The uniform store from Venezuela appreciates using Loyverse

Uniformes 360 is a local business in Venezuela dedicated to selling uniforms for small and medium enterprises. They started their journey in 2007. They sell uniforms of every type, from school and college uniforms to uniforms for doctors, chefs, cookers, personal service, and so on. Interested in learning about their experience with Loyverse POS, we reached out to their representative. -How was the year 2020? Was your business affected by the pandemic? Yes, it was affected in the


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A guide on deciding the best dashboard software type for your business

Just like how our car’s dashboard gives us real-time data about how our car is performing, dashboard software collects data that can optimize business management and contribute to the overall success of the company.  In just a glance, dashboard softwares helps merchants and business owners have a better grip of their business’ performance by creating data visualizations (charts, graphs, scales, etc) to evaluate their operations at any time. This will eventually help them have better forecasts fo


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391-year-old traditional hot spring hotel using Loyverse POS

Ichinoyu is a 391-year-old company that keeps providing hot springs throughout 16 generations. Fortunately, we could reach out to their representative and listen to their secret of business success. - Thank you for taking your time today. Could you please explain about your business shortly? We are a hot spring called "Ichinoyu", which means "the first hot spring", running since 1630. One day, the founder saw a dream which told him that he should dig the ground of Hakone-tounosawa, a

Best analytic dashboards for small businesses

Running a business is definitely not for the feeble-minded. It would be nice to say that  strong will and passion are all it takes for you to venture out into the market, but we all know that it takes a whole lot more than that. Big or small, running your own business entails you to deal with other technical aspects such as sales, finances, employees, stocks and trends among many others, all at the same time to make sure your business stays afloat. For this, you collect data and try your be


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MWINGI now uses Loyverse API for integration to Dataddo Dashboard solutions

“Retail is detail” and retail is all about data. Only those who know their data and are able to analyze and monitor them constantly will be successful in optimizing their business.  To source and manage their retail and wholesale data, the Kenyan company MWINGI has been using Loyverse POS and inventory system already for over a year. MWINGI is serving dispersed rural communities in Kenya in hard to reach areas due to the lack of infrastructure (roads, electricity). MWINGI has developed an e

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