What scanner do you use with Loyverse POS?

Please share which barcode scanners models you are using.


This is printer,scanner,pos manufacturer and developer EastRoyce

Official Contact E-mail : sales@eastroyce.com

Official Website: www.eastroyce-pos.com

Whatsapp : 008618503022541

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Our handheld USB&bluetooth Barcode Scanner ER-B10X works perfectly with Android Loyverse POS.

It is a powerful barcode scanner with both OTG (On-The-Go) USB interface and Bluetooth Interface together which both support HID protocol.

With ER-B10X on hand, you can either connect USB OTG cable to your Android device or connect via bluetooth. Very useful and efficiency for business. 

You could scan to add items during sales,

you could scan to add barcode/SKU during item editing,

you could also scan from backoffice to edit items. 

We also have one mini pocket bluetooth scanner ER-B002X which is powered by two Changeable AA batteries. You must love it with its most convenience.

In Vietnam, I am using Champtek SG600 USB, work well.

For Bluetooth with android Model name is Generalscan GS M300BT 

On Loyverse website are posted the some models of barcode scanners for Andoid and iOS devices. However there are general requirements for barcode scanners to function with Loyverse POS.

Android devices works with scanners supporting HID protocol. You can use scanners with Bluetooth interface or USB scanners via a USB OTG adapter/cable.

IOS devices supports only Socket Mobile 7Ci and Socket Mobile 7Qi scanner models. 

The built-in rear camera of  iOS Mobile Device can be used to scan item barcodes during sale or adding new items to the list.

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