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Add REST API call to get list of open tickets


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We are a table tennis club where the members will add items to their open tickets during the evening and at the end of the evening will pay the ticket. Unfortunately sometimes members forget to pay. This leaves our system with unpaid open tickets.  
Because some members come on a very irregular basis the next time they visit the club they might have completely forgotten about the open ticket.
Because of this we would like to send an automated reminder by email to the person in question that they have an open ticket. We would like to use the Loyverse integration at make.com to get the list of open tickets and customer information of the ticket including the name and email address. 
We already have purchased Loyverse Integrations.

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Just to increase the chances of this functionality getting realised:

Our club is situated in the Netherlands and here are many sport clubs that use a ticket like functionality, many times still on paper. Until 2 years ago we used also used paper. When studying the different POS systems many were discarded by us because of a lack of ticket functionality. So this is really an asset of your system and it may be worthwhile to invest a bit more into it. 

Please also see our other topics about open tickets that we have submitted or contributed to:



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