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Last modified time on saved open tickets



Is it possible to change the time to when it was created rather than last modified? If orders are saved to a ticket and later edited, the time sort function will use last edited rather than when it was created so the chronological order gets screwed up and it becomes harder to see which order came in first.

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Hello Jeff, 


Unfortunately, such option is currently unavailable. However, I would be happy to send it to our development team as a feature suggestion. Even though we cannot implement it right now, but if we get similar suggestions from other users, we can consider implementing it in the future.


Meanwhile may I suggest you to make use of the fact that open tickets are listed in alphabetical order according to their name. So if you use this logic when naming the open tickets and use the filter by “Name” you will see the open tickets in the order they were created from the oldest to the newest.


WhatsApp Image 2020-04-27 at 5.30.57 PM.jpeg

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When creating an open ticket, the generated name currently displays the name of the customer as well as the current time. In our case (table tennis club with members) not all tickets are always paid the same day,  because sometimes people forget.
For us it would be useful if the generated name could optionally also display the current date.  We then will always know when they were created.

Another solution would be to have a created date next to / instead of the last modified date.
This question has already been asked (upvoted by us):


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