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Created Date instead of midified date...

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***Please excuse the poor english***

We have a laundy and dry cleaning business, Loyverse is a blessing, but we have a mayor issue, customers (many are recurring) drop off their clothes to pay when picking them up, we use the option of open tickets, sometimes we must see the ticket to confirm the number of clothes and other things, but when entering the date it is modifies and that affects us in delivery times. Isn't there the option to see the creation date instead of the modification date?


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Unfortunately, such option is currently unavailable. However, I would be happy to send it to our development team as a feature suggestion. Even though we cannot implement it right now, but if we get similar suggestions from other users, we can consider implementing it in the future. You can also add your suggestion here

As an alternative way, I can suggest you to make use of the option that you can name your open tickets as you wish and also add a comment to them.


If you enter in the name of the open ticket or in the comment field the date and time the ticket was created, you will be able to keep track of them. 



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