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Will open tickets be synced with KDS that is located in a different site?


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Hello, I want to use the kitchen display screen, but our take-out orders are in a separate building, so we use a different internet connection.
Any suggested solution for this?
Can we log out of the POS from our first site and then log into our second site where our KDS is located and where they share the same router?

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Hi Shine, 

If you have different POS devices and each is placed in different locations, the open tickets will be synced as long as all POS devices have an internet connection; however, if you take orders at POS 1 which is located at building A and you would expect the orders to be displayed in KDS which is connected at POS 2 (both located at building B), I'm afraid such set up is not possible. You can add another order to open tickets from POS 2, then it will be shown on KDS because the KDS displays order at the moment you save an (open) ticket.

Please do let us know if you have additional question.

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