What was the most painful problem you've solved by using Loyverse POS?

Did you start using Loyverse POS to solve a really annoying problem? What was it?


We are using Loyverse in one of Foodtrucks in a remote area where WiFi is not availabile. we take orders from our customers in their cars. Loyverse has helped us overcome connectivety problem by using Blutooth to connect our tablet to the printer in the kitchen. 

of calculating and reporting.  

Every close of business day we have to calculate and report the sales of certain categories to the owner.  Before we only have manual system with pen and paper to take orders.  At the end of business day we take out the copy of receipts, check the book, calculate how much sales we have compare them with the warehouse and then report.  Now we simply open the dashboard compare with warehouse and report.  If there is any difference then we go to Loyverse back office and then check the orders one by one.  

Same thing with weekly and monthly calculation and reporting.  Really great help.  

If possible the graphic chart of sales can be made for selected items and not just top 5 best selling items.  

We are very much tempted to try out the stock management but unfortunately the human resources is not yet sufficient.  


Opps, sorry! Let me answer again.

the most painful problem I used to have then Loyverse solved is Paper bill and basic cash register.

I used to use a paper bill printed by my own printer. The problems were;

Writing down the order, it took a little time which made time lag until cook. All of our staff had to memorize the price of food, desert, and the codes to write fast.

Sometimes, we misunderstood the code of order, forgot to write/make additional orders. If our customers wanted to check the bill, it was hard to understand for them, I had to explain each item, and embarrassing for us too.

The worst problem was I missed some items to enter on the cash register when the customers pay. A lot of times. Especially when I was in hurry.

But now, Loyverse made me happy with Paperless ordering, No more order leaking, Faster and Easier, new staff don't hesitate to use it.

Thanks a million!!

Amazing story, thanks!
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Maintaining stock control. Before Loyverse it was all guesswork! Now it’s solid and reliable, not perfect due to the amount of users we have however a far improvement on what we had before!!! Thank you! 

We've been doing good so far, loyverse helps us a lot in many ways. The most significant thing is that loyverse helps us to back up data of sales, we can easily take a look at our business progress monthly, weekly, even everyday.

Thank you loyverse... 

It's Sync.

I'll tell you in advance that it may caused by my internet connection or wifi rooter. I'm using iPad for cashier and android 7.0 tablet for taking order, but sometimes they don't sync eventhough I tap both 'Sync' button, any error and notification don't come out. It is the painful problem because if at first, open ticket sync properly, after that additional order was taken, then sync problem occured, if the customer paid before sync is completed, I lose money of the additional order. Once payment is completed, and internet connection revives, both open tickets will be as completed and I can see only the receipt but can't check the open ticket again . I'll never know if there were difference between the order amount and actual payment amount in both POS devices. So, every time I check both amount. I know I better use only one POS, but I and my staff have to do receive money and taking order at same time sometimes. The only reason to use iPad is for CDS (customer display). I hope android can use with it soon.

So sorry to hear about your troubles. The team is already preparing an update to fix this, please stay tuned.

I am still curious to know if Loyverse POS helped you solve any of the painful problems which troubled you before you found Loyverse.
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daily balancing of sales and profits. With loyverse dashboard all is well. Plus I never knew the actual inventory, now with loyverse I can check the progress which we are making.

you've saved us a ton of time every morning, when we would reconcile receipts with actual sales, manually! 

now, we just check the till with the loyverse summary, restock to our set amount of cash, and we're ready to start our day. half an hour saved means 3 1/2 more hours per week equals 182 hours a year. vacation, anyone?!


thanks, no painfull problems... only the economy is painfull... the business very bad 

Daily, monthly sales compared to previous period

Daily, monthly sales compared to target

Analyze fast moving, slow moving item

To reduce stock of slow moving item

Eliminating theft with accurate stock control. In my country, there is sadly a culture of crime and we have had problems with people trying to outsmart our previous systems and steel products or cash from us. Now with a more streamlined approach to accurately taking stock and sales, we are able to eliminate theft. 

Refund process

if loyverse could add on new service like a method of refund by searching the items instead of receipt number then it would be easier for us to find the receipt number, if the customer does not bring the receipt to the store.

thank you

Daily Weekly Monthly Sales

Daily Cash in Cash in Hand

Loyverse really helped me with the kitchen orders, is really convinient way to avade the orders properly! And most of all really helped with sells datas, no need to keep it manually and i can have a prompt update any time by the dashboard and all the statistics!! amazing

I hope loyverse can automaticly add Queue Number..

Handwritten kitchen dockets. 

It would've been easier if you had a list...



Easy set up

Tablet friendly 

Wireless connection

Free to move


And more


Seeing itemized turnover for the day without having to go through all sales dockets.

Thanks for everything 

But I hope you include an accounting service with the program 

Also arranging the stock sample
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I need stop the system

Entering new items with stock variants in multiple outlets all in one single screen. Before I had a pricy system that took my full concentration clicking away multiple screens just to add a new product. Now it's done so easy all in one window! Love that

Ability to have composite items and can deduct from main stock as we sell.

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