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  1. Curtin

    Deleting Variants

    Is there a way to delete variants? I have accidentally created an extra variant I don't want but can't see how to delete it.
  2. Think along the lines of an omelette with 3 fillings, or a toasted sandwich. I need to be able to choose the main item (omelette) and then choose i.e. ham, cheese, tomato (out of 9 or more possible fillings). I can't possibly have all the filling combinations my customers can come up with as separate items in the software?!?
  3. Suzan

    Can I reorder variants?

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to reorder variants? They are listed in the order I created them for the first time. But now analyzing the sales I would like to put first in the list the variant which has been more popular (which has more sales) and so on with the other variants. Is there any way to reorder them, without having to delete the item and create it again?
  4. graham

    How to update variants?

    Is anyone having issues updating variants? I have added several items with color variants but need to add additional colors to the same variant. I have selected the edit button for the item in the variant section but can't seem to find a way to add any additional colors to the existing variant.
  5. Hi, We have a system set up so that our vodka has two variants: 25ml and 50ml. Obviously if 50ml is used then it's technically two of the 25ml, but still only subtracts 1 from the stock, is there any way to make the 50ml variant a composite of two 25ml?  we were able to do this with separate items completely but having a wide range of spirits makes everything very disorganised.   Any help is much appreciated
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