Is there a way to insert my costs per menu-item?



If you mean you need to compute the costs per item on your menu and also included in your inventory, then yes, there's a possibility to include components (Composite Items) in each item menu, and it also deducts the inventory of each component each time you make a sale of a specific product/item.

Here's a detailed instructions if you're looking on how Composite Items works:

Composite items consist of a number of other items (components).

In the back office, go to ‘Item list’.

'Item list' menu


First, you have to create the components of a composite item.

Create them as you would ordinary items by clicking on ‘Add Item’ button.

‘Add Item’ button


Give your item a name. If any component is not sold separately in your store, deselect the check-box. ‘The item is available for sale’, so it will not be seen in the items list during sales.

the check-box ‘The item is available for sale’

Fill in the cost field and save the component item.
If the ‘Track stock’ is switched on, then, during the sale of a composed item, the components’ stock will be reduced.  

After you have all the components, you can create a composite item by clicking on ‘Add Item’ button again.

Then switch on the ‘Composite item’ option in the Inventory section.

the ‘Composite item’ option in the Inventory section

Add components one by one searching for them in the items list.   

searching for item

The composite item cost will be calculated based on the quantity and cost of all components.

The composite item cost

All other parameters of composite items can be filled in as usual.

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