How to print receipt to a USB printer on iOS?

I have a bluetooth printer that cannot be connected on iOS. I can only think of 2 solutions. First is to connect the printer directly to iPad via OTG cable. Second is to connect USB printer to AirPrint server and point iPad to it. Can anyone advise on this? I really need help on this!! :(

Trying to connect h58 USB printer to IPad mini. No problems connecting to Android but need to connect with IPad. All I see in the options are Bluetooth or Ethernet whereas with Android there is a sub-option. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hello! USB printers don't work with iOS devices, unfortunately.  You can use a printer from those recommended on website for iOS. If you want to use another printer then you should choose Ethernet interface.

Unfortunately, iOS devices do not support the USB by itself. So, there is no way to connect the USB printer to the iPad. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok