How do you differentiate between vatable and non-vatable sales?

In the UK take away items are without VAT while dine in is with VAT. Just wondering if Loyverse has a take out option that removes the VAT?

It has the option, but it is not working, at least for me.
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Which POS version you use and which platform (iOS or Android)?
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Version 2.12 for IOS

It would wonderful if we had the option to add taxes only to specific dinner options (e.g.: dine in)

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At the moment Loyverse has that feature, but for iOS only. On Android, it will be released a bit later.

Read more about How to Apply Taxes Depending on the Dining Options

Was anyone able to make it work? It seems that applying taxes depending on the dining options is not working not even for IOS. I tried everything I could and I couldn't make it work.
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Thanks. I added the exceptions do the tax (takeaway and delivery) in back office but in my IOS the tax is still being applied to the tickets for delivery or takeaway. Also, the tax is still being applied to the itens I checked as exceptions on the same tax menu. Any hint on what's going on?

Ps.: I didn't forget to sync the device.
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Unfortunately now Loyverse POS does not have such ability to automatically change taxes depending on dining option. But it is possible to adjust them manually. When adding an item to a sale just tap it on a ticket area and a dialog will open, from there you can edit necessary taxes. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok