How do i use variants and modifiers to deal with people ordering half one flavor pizza and another flavor pizzahalf pizzas?

I can use variant for diferrent sizes but i cant figure out how i can effectively


You could use variants (assuming there aren’t hundreds!)

eg a margarita/margarita pizza would be normal margarita but a margarita/pepperoni would be half and half

We use something similar where the breakfast item is a choice of any two fillings  eg:

bacon/bacon bap

bacon/sausage bap

bacon/egg bap

sausage/sausage bap

sausage/egg bap

egg/egg bap



The Loyverse app doesn't provide a feature to divide pizzas in half and select the flavours of each half. 

Right now it's not to easy to track the ingredients for a pizza, perhaps you can just create an item specifically to be a half of a pizza, and assign to it modifiers. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok