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A remarkable pharmacy in Ghana is using Loyverse to ensure the best service for its customers!



Geonaas Pharmacy Ltd is proud to be the Pharmacy the community can rely on. Located in Accra-Ghana, their kind and knowledgeable team provide customers with adequate prescription medications and other health-related products and services. They are aware of all customers’ needs and offer a variety of services intended to make it easier for you to stay healthy.

Why did you decide to open a pharmacy?

There is a high demand for drug dispensers in Ghana. People are always eager to find the best solution when it comes to their health. Due to this high demand, it is perfect for you to venture into the pharmaceutical business. Of course, before you venture, you need to have a broad idea of how the pharmaceutical world is, and with that, you will be able to run the business.


How does your pharmacy stand out from other pharmacies in your country?

There are a lot of pharmacies in Ghana, and you need to adopt a mechanism that will make your business stand out. Geonaas Pharmacy Ltd's staff works diligently around-the-clock to enhance patients' health outcomes. We not only maintain a well-stocked pharmacy but also give each customer individualized attention and trustworthy services that make staying healthy convenient. We serve our customers by providing them with simple access to the drugs and services they require and deserve. We do this by adopting a holistic approach to each individual and thorough medication management guidelines. We have an online shop, and we make sure to chat online with our customers and know their requests. If customers prefer their medicine to be delivered, we make sure to provide this. We are constantly striving to make the customer happy. 

What is your philosophy in business?

We always set up a target for the day. When working, we are not allowed to play with our phones or do anything else besides the job. Anything that is against the company's work ethics is not allowed.


How do you find Loyverse? 

A friend of mine recommended it to me a year ago. I tested the system and fell in love with it. I was the one who introduced the system to the owner of the pharmacy and convinced him to implement and use Loyverse in our pharmacy. 

How has Loyverse benefited your business? 

We have been able to work efficiently with Loyverse. Loyverse does all the work for us. The integration of the goods in the service is perfect.


What are the features of Loyverse most convenient for your business?

Let’s take the inventory. Loyverse will always tell you when your items are in Low stock so you can decide what goods you need to buy. We are also using the paid services: Employee Management and Advanced Inventory. Employee Management allows to give the employees certain access rights and protects sensitive information. We are planning to open new branches soon and some features in Advanced Inventory such as Transfer order might be helpful to us. 

What message would you like to give to other entrepreneurs?

If you are an entrepreneur, you need to take risks. Every business comes with risks. If you are afraid to take them, you will not be able to evolve. You need to be careful about the kind of business you are venturing into. Make sure you have a broad knowledge of what you want to do and that you know that you can do it well and do it perfectly. 


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Ethics and not playing at work! Very important to create harmony in the company.

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