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A Sushi restaurant that wants to grow together with its entire community



Horom Sushi started in a small place in September 2019, despite the difficulties they faced a few months later with perseverance, its owner, Mr. Rodolfo Ornelas, tells us how in those challenging moments they saw an opportunity to continue, offering their customers food to go, at a time when many restaurants had to close their doors. Today, they want to help so that more and more entrepreneurs and families in their region can get ahead.


Could you introduce us to your business, how long ago and how did you start?


We started in 2019 in a trailer, selling sushi and boneless in our neighborhood. When we started, we looked for an alternative to register the orders and payments since it was very complicated for us to write down all the orders. Thank God, at the time we started we did very well, we were on the avenue, this location helped us a lot and the demand grew, as well as our business. Our kitchen space was 3 m X 1.50m, it was all we had. There we washed dishes, cooked, prepared food and got paid, so Loyverse helped us a lot to take off by managing our orders, and having a kitchen tablet, without the need to use notes because it was very complicated to manage all this in that space. Loyverse was the most viable option because it could be used on a tablet and not necessarily on a computer, we didn't have the space for this.




Does your business currently run the same store?

We now have 2: Long Sushi and King Kong which serve fries and cones, and we have another 2. So we have 4 restaurants at the moment, all running on Loyverse.

How did you find Loyverse and what tools have you used?

At that time we found it in the play store by chance. I was looking for a flexible point of sale and the best option was Loyverse, it was the one we liked the most and we stayed with it.

Now we use the employee management tool, the role settings help us a lot. I also use the customer display application, because that way we avoid doubts with customers about their orders. We use the shift feature, for almost everything except advanced inventory. On paid add-ons, we use employee management for the cashier.




About Loyverse, of all the tools you use, which one has helped you the most? 

The one that benefits Horom Sushi the most is the kitchen screen, for example, I have 2 cashiers at the register, they take the orders and they have their kitchen tablet, this tablet is called “Assembled”, and that is where they receive all the orders. When the kitchen sends the orders, they form the package with their kitchen tablet. It works because we have several stations to prepare orders, the sushi bar has a kitchen screen that only receives sushi orders. The other stations are the Fryer that is behind the kitchen and the Chinese Food station, each one works with its screen and prepares only its part of the order. Each kitchen station prepares its order, they send the prepared food to the cashier, and in the cashier station with its kitchen display screen, check who the order belongs to and assemble the packages, then we have five tablets working with the Kitchen Screen with a single tablet in Loyverse POS, that is very comfortable for us. 




During your time using Loyverse have you needed any help from Loyverse support?

Yes, in fact, when we started one of the problems we had was the modifiers. When we started exploring Loyverse, we noticed it is very practical and very intuitive, but we did not find a way to add modifiers, we had configured them as variants, in that time we used the chat to ask and the assistant told us that modifiers existed and explained how to use them. Also in another case with a small failure that we had with the application, they answered us, they solved us and it was ready to use! 


What is the long-term goal of your business for the next few years?

In the long term, we want to have a presence throughout the city, fully cover the needs of our customers, be at the forefront of distribution platforms, for example, Rappi, and more than anything else, be at the forefront of the sushi businesses that are beginning to open, that is beginning to develop in our neighborhood. Once we started, many similar restaurants opened in our neighborhood. We have supported each other, but unfortunately due to inflation and insecurity in the city, many have closed. We would love for all of us to go hand in hand. For example in my case when I found out about Loyverse I shared it with my relatives, from other nearby restaurants, and it also worked very well for them, so that is our plan, to support others restaurants.




My next question has to do with what you just said, what would be the value that you want to contribute to society with your business?

Our restaurant was created in 2019 and during that time, the pandemic went through, one of our main mottos for our clients was that if at any time you don't have a place to eat, you can go to Horom Sushi, we offer food. We want to be part of the community. During the time we were working, unfortunately, there was a fire in a home called Emanuel, so Horom Sushi promised to help them, a certain amount of money was donated to them and apart from that a collection of clothing, food and everything that our clients wanted to contribute, we collected and delivered it on behalf of our clients. At the end of every year, we contribute with a Christmas dinner for a family that needs it, a turkey and their dinner. That is our way of thanking our customers because thanks to them we are here.


Would you like to send a message to entrepreneurs, who are just starting out now, who are perhaps experiencing some difficulty?

My message to new entrepreneurs is not to be discouraged. Unfortunately, we are in difficult times, ending a pandemic, with skyrocketing inflation, that is what has hurt us the most, but do not be discouraged, good times will come, and not everything is bad. We all start with great motivation but the moment of discouragement arrives when you see that either you do not have clients or your utility is not arriving as it should be, do not be discouraged, look for a way, there is always a way to solve things. Always. For every problem there is a solution, it's just a matter of looking for it, focusing, and putting all your effort and motivation. We live in an unfortunately insecure city, which disappoints us a bit, but something that never disappoints us is our people. Our people are faithful, are good, and there will always be someone to support you, someone to help you. So, my message is don’t be discouraged and move forward.

We thank Mr. Rodolfo for his time and for the opportunity to learn about an inspiring story. We invite you to visit Horom Sushi's social networks: https://www.facebook.com/HOROM.ALIMENTOS.JRZ

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" So, my message is don’t be discouraged and move forward." That's the sentence of my day. Thank you!!


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