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Loyverse POS gives a modern look to a pizza place that pursues innovation!



Rhoda Agbayani is a proud owner of Danis Foodhouse, a restaurant in Pudtol, Apayao, Philippines. They serve their own Apayao homemade pizza and are open to innovation, catering to their customers' wants and interests.


What motivated you to start your business and what products do you offer?

We are in the food industry business. We’re a restaurant, and we mostly offer snacks. We started our business in 2017. It’s for an additional income for our family.


Do you have any philosophy you follow in your business and what do you think makes your business stand out from other businesses?

Better services provide better income. Our philosophy follows that statement. Also, what makes us stand out from other businesses is our innovation. When there’s something new in the market, we try to include it in our menu. If new things can be added to the menu that the customers would like to try on, why don’t you add them? We usually add it and try it on our customers.


How do you advertise your business?

We advertise more on social media (Facebook) and print on tarpaulins that are posted outside other restaurants.


How did you first learn about Loyverse and which features have been most useful to you?

When I was trying to get a POS for our menu and daily sales, Loyverse was the only POS that was free and the seller utilized the POS that he sold. So I accessed it and found out that it was free.

The feature that I liked most is that I can access the total sales daily and monitor the daily sales in the store without me having to go there. I just have to access it on my phone and use it online and then I can easily see the total sales, and the expenses made, which can easily be done even in remote areas. Even while I’m in another municipality.


Do you have any goals for the next five years for your business?

Yes, additional stores, and additional branches. That’s the goal.


What do you think is one characteristic you would say is very crucial to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

I think knowing the income. Knowing the correct income, knowing the correct sales, knowing the correct revenues, knowing the correct expenses. That ensures that you have income for your business. That’s a very crucial part.


Do you have any messages for other future entrepreneurs?

A Point of sales, like Loyverse, is good in business. It helps in managing the business. It helps in facilitating the tracking of sales, revenues, and income.


Do you have any messages for the Loyverse Team?

Thank you for the application, it’s been very helpful for us for the last three months and I’ve been using it for free I just hope that more features will be added for free. Because for now, it’s an additional cost for the owner to spend on the advanced features of Loyverse. But hoping with the increasing revenues and everything, I hope to also have access to those advanced features of Loyverse. Thank you.

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