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The uniform store from Venezuela appreciates using Loyverse



Uniformes 360 is a local business in Venezuela dedicated to selling uniforms for small and medium enterprises. They started their journey in 2007. They sell uniforms of every type, from school and college uniforms to uniforms for doctors, chefs, cookers, personal service, and so on. Interested in learning about their experience with Loyverse POS, we reached out to their representative.


-How was the year 2020? Was your business affected by the pandemic?

Yes, it was affected in the beginning. But, then, in reality, it turned out to be a very good year. Because before 2020, we didn't do promotions on social networks; we were not dedicated to that part of the market. But, after the pandemic, we started to do an experiment and give strength to social networks. We invested some money and opened our Instagram page, and noticed that there was a business. And we ended the year selling more than we had sold in 2019.

-How did you find Loyverse, and how long have you been using it?

Well, since last year, I had been trying to change the system we were using since we opened the store. We used a system that can be considered more like an old school CRM where managing the inventory was complicated. Even the close of the day was a very complicated process. We lack the option to add pictures to the items and have easy access to items to proceed with the sale. 

I researched different systems because I wasn't finding what I needed. In reality, I was checking systems from North America. I believe these applications are created for their market. There were a lot of things like taxes or the address of the company that were not very comfortable for me because we, here in Venezuela, have a totally different reality. When I found Loyverse and did the free trial, I found exactly what I was searching for. This is why I decided to do the full implementation of the system, add all the items, and pay the subscription because we have been using it and are very happy with the application.

-Which of the products of Loyverse do you use, and which one is the most useful for your business?

I use the Loyverse POS app; it is excellent. I use the Advanced Inventory addon. It is very easy and intuitive, very adaptable to different types of businesses. I am also using Employee Management. We are really happy with both services. 


-What would be one thing you would like to improve in Loyverse?

The only thing I would like to mention is to have a version for the PC, not only on tablets and phones. In our store, we are using 2 tablets currently, but it would not be a bad idea that there was also the alternative to use the app on PC in the future. 

I have faith that Loyverse will keep developing and growing. I would really like it if you can add a feature for Payroll to administer the payments of the employee through Loyverse. 

-What would you say to Loyverse Team? 

I want to congratulate them for creating an app that can be used all over the world because it is not specialized only for a specific economy. It has the option to use different languages, different currencies, and you can configure your taxes. I think all of this makes Loyverse a very international application, and this is the characteristic I like most about Loyverse. It is not focused on a specific economy, as are the applications from the United States. On the other hand, the interface is very friendly, very easy to use, very easy to understand. I really want to congratulate them and say to keep going and develop such programs.

Website: https://www.uniformes360.com/


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Is there support for fiscal printers in Venezuela? i use Loyverse in my foodtruck in venezuela

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Estos panas no saben lo ques una impresora fiscal.  Yo la tengo funcionando con una impresora generica compatible con lenguaje ESC/POS de 80 mm. Funciona al pelo.

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