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391-year-old traditional hot spring hotel using Loyverse POS



Ichinoyu is a 391-year-old company that keeps providing hot springs throughout 16 generations. Fortunately, we could reach out to their representative and listen to their secret of business success.


- Thank you for taking your time today. Could you please explain about your business shortly?

We are a hot spring called "Ichinoyu", which means "the first hot spring", running since 1630. One day, the founder saw a dream which told him that he should dig the ground of Hakone-tounosawa, and when he did, the hot spring came out. This is the beginning of our company. We are named "Ichinoyu'' because this is the first-found hot spring around this area. 

Currently, we have 8 hotels, providing 1-night stay with 2 meals, within 100 USD. We hope all our customers enjoy the trip and come to us more than one time.


(Ichinoyu is drawn in a historical drawing by Hiroshige

- May I know more about your company’s culture?

Even though we are a traditional company, we keep our mindset more flexible. If someone in the company has an idea to improve our service, we can immediately implement it. Using  Loyverse POS is also one of such ideas. I think this is why we could keep our business for 390 years.

- May I know the reason why you chose Loyverse POS?

We were using Lenovo Android tablets for our internal company manual. When we were looking for tablet POS, there were not many POS working on Android, and we could find only a few POS applications. While testing different POS, we found that Loyverse is the easiest one to start with. Right after registration, we could already start using it. Probably this is the biggest reason why we chose Loyverse POS.


- Could you tell me what is the biggest benefit of using Loyverse POS?

Before Loyverse, we were using an old-style cash register. In fact, we were typing the prices of items each time, and it was a mess. It also produced a human error. 
Now our employees are all happy about Loyverse because it solved all those problems. In addition, the UI is quite simple, and our elderly cashier has no problem using it. 
Before Loyverse, we needed to check all journals and count the inventory every month. But now we can know the inventory in real-time. Variants are also useful in managing our item list.

- Thank you so much.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/7YnkVC6KRbUL49Md7
Website: https://www.ichinoyu.co.jp



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