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Healthy Juice from Qatar plans to be there for The World Cup



Loyverse team met with Healthy Juice from Qatar, they have juice stalls which provide fresh juice, hot drinks, bubble tea and waffles. Lately they have participated in a 20 days festival in one of the stadiums where World Cup 2022 will be held.

They hope to expand and have locations in all World Cup Stadiums in Qatar and to educate people on the benefits of Fruit Juice. 

Healthy Juice from Qatar

How long have you been using Loyverse?
We have been using it for a couple of years now, from around 2018. We found Loyverse by searching online and have been using it since the start of business, learned about it, added our items, and benefited from the daily and monthly reports since then.

How is your business now with Covid’s situation?
It is getting better, but 80% of our business now depends on online orders. However, there is an overall improvement. 

How is Loyverse helping your business?
It helped us a lot. It is beneficial, and easy to use, especially for the staff and for myself as the owner. I am happy that we found Loyverse. Other available POS are expensive but Loyverse is affordable compared to all its features, especially for new SMBs.
We are also using the clock in and clock out feature to follow up on employees. 

Is there any specific feature in Loyverse that helped you the most with your business?
It is very easy to use, and categorizing items is also very easy. 

Do you have anything you would like to request the Loyverse team to add?
For us, the system is complete. When we had suggestions, several times we sent it to the Loyverse team.  And they implemented my requests/ They are very responsive to customer’s messages. I am very satisfied with Loyverse customer support. 

Any last words to the Loyverse team? 
Thank you very much; you are good with following up with customers and updating, speedy responses! 

Healthy Juice Instagram
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