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Get stock level via API


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we run several grocery shops in rural Africa. The young ladies who are running our shops are supposed to count every day a certain number of products, so that any variations can be identified immediately.  

We developed an App, where they are asked to enter the counted stock level of a specific product. Our App is then storing the answers together with the time stamp. Then our office is checking the data with the Loyverse history. But this manual process is quite time consuming. 

We would like to immediately check via API whether the number she entered matches with Loyverse. To do so, we would need a command such as 

"Get the current stock level from shop Oloika for sugar".  

Any idea whether this would be possible or how this could be programmed? 

Best regards,


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Dear Edward, thanks a lot !!  Can you help me how I can find the Variant_ID and the Store_ID ? I assume it is not the SKU and not the store name?

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