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5 Ways to Turn Your Coffee Shop Customers Into Regulars



With a market that never runs out and a failure rate of 10%, it is no wonder why the coffee shop industry will never, ever go out of style. Yes, we said it. In the coffee world, no matter where you are, you will never lack a market for your product, and not many businesses have that as a bragging right.

With demand so high and competition so fierce, how do you stand out from the pack? How do you turn your customers into regulars? Today, we are going to talk about coffee shop loyalty and customer retention tips. 

We all know that having repeat or regular customers is a vital component to your business' success. They represent good profit for less marketing efforts. They signify good word-of-mouth recommendations and higher chances of satisfied customers.

According to studies, it costs businesses less to retain current, consistent customers than to engage with and acquire new ones. When a customer has an excellent experience with your brand, it inspires them to repeatedly return to and engage with you.

Here are some ways to help you turn your coffee shop customers into regulars and improve your overall business performance.


Attractive Ambiance 


Remember that all your regular customers were once first-timers, and to make them keep choosing your coffee shop over others, an attractive design and ambiance play a crucial part.

Did you know that it takes just eight seconds to walk past a typical storefront? And once someone is two seconds past the door, they won't turn around. This means you have roughly four seconds to grab their attention.

This is why coffee shop owners have to pay close attention to their design and ambiance. From the entrance to the mugs, everything has to be enticing. Invest in an appealing interior and lighting as some may be more welcoming than others. Deliberately curate the aesthetics and vibe of your coffee shop to exude coziness. People come back to coffee shops because it offers a uniquely calm atmosphere, paired with a soothing aroma of coffee that makes gatherings more relaxing. Even every piece of furniture you put in your shop is fundamental to building an ambiance conducive to work and appealing for unwinding.

Here's a quick-and-easy tip: an open door generates more business than a closed door. And for coffee shops, it allows passersby to smell your coffee. When a passerby smells the delicious aroma of roasted coffee, they follow the smell to your beautifully designed coffee shop.

Another strategy that will mentally stimulate people who walk or drive by your shop is to put a big Wi-fi sign right at your window. This will imply that you don't mind people coming in and working and that you have enough space for people to hang out for a while.

Of course, encouraging people to buy more beverages will help pay the rent. However, remember that coffee shops do not just sell coffee but also ambiance.  

Friendly Staff and Excellent Service


Nothing would drive a customer away from your coffee shop, never to return again, more than rude staff and lousy customer service. When it comes to creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, your staff's attitude and attentiveness play a considerable role.

Sure, your staff might have bad days or problems in their personal lives, but this should never reflect in their work attitude. Having a friendly smile and pleasing personality that will make your customers feel welcomed will keep them coming back to your shop. Do not wait for someone to become a regular before you're friendly to them.

Small business owners should practice 'casual friendliness' when engaging with their customers. Engage in friendly conversations, especially from behind the espresso bar. Please make an effort to remember their names and daily orders, or ask them how their day was. These can have a considerable impact on your regular customers.

Suppose you don't know what question to ask to strike up a conversation. Ask them, "How was your coffee?" It shows a commitment to quality and hospitality.

Also, keep in mind that good customer service is knowing when people want to be left alone and when they don't. You need to find the right balance for each customer.

Have a Loyalty Program


Customers who are emotionally loyal to a brand have proven to spend more on its products. The point of an effective loyalty program is that customers associate consistent positive feelings with the brand. They will eventually advocate the brand to their friends and family. Remember that the most cost-efficient and powerful marketing strategy is word-of-mouth.

Working on this relationship with a good loyalty program nurtures a strong sense of trust between your brand and customers, giving you a lead over your competitors, therefore ensuring the growth of your business.

A good coffee shop POS system can help you identify your best sellers, most loyal guests, and more useful information to help you craft an effective marketing plan. Below are some great examples of using that information to boost sales and create more repeat customers.

Another great way to build customer loyalty and retention is to continuously communicate with them through your social media platforms or email marketing. Especially as a small independent coffee shop, this gives you a platform to show off a distinct voice to your customers who are already familiar with your product, service, and vibe.

Another great trick to encourage recurring engagement is to have loyalty cards that baristas stamp until customers get their magical free coffee. Patrons like to feel appreciated. Giving them a small piece of cake or a drink will solidify their loyalty.

Get Social and Personal with your Customers


While this tip may seem obvious, it's something many small business owners don't go out of their way to achieve. As a small, independent business, building a relationship with your customer base can create long-lasting impacts as you showcase your hospitality and customer service. It is more than just asking them for their order and bringing it courteously to their table. It's about building a relationship by making your customer feel welcome in your establishment and personally engaged with you or even your employees.

An easy first step to do so is to learn your customers' names. Why? A person's name represents their individuality and identity, so by remembering their name, you're also learning about them as an individual, which gives them a special feeling. By learning a customer's name, you're showing them that they are more than a customer in your coffee shop. They're an individual who you're connecting with you on a personal level.

Once you've learned your customer's name, you can go and dig a little deeper. You can ask them what they do for a living, do they have a family or a partner, and their hobbies or interests. Just try not to make the conversation feel like an interview.

Another great way to amp up your game in getting social and personal with your customers is to boost your online presence by replying to your customers' comments.

Good Quality Coffee


Now, you can have the most attractive ambiance, the friendliest baristas, the best customer service, but if you have a bad or mediocre product, you won't get repeat customers. 

If you have a good reputation for coffee, food, or sweets, then customers will make an effort to return time and time. Consistency makes an immense difference between regular coffee shops and yours. When it comes to coffee shops, customers always want a place where, regardless of the season, the barista, how busy the shop is, or minor product changes, the coffee will taste good as the first day they ordered it.

Offer a wide range of high-quality products aside from coffee like pastries and snacks, and you'll have higher chances of seeing returning customers.


Mastering the art of strengthening customer loyalty and retention is a key component to your business success. Aside from the fact that it is a cost-efficient and an effective marketing tool, it also represents good income and a bigger number of satisfied customers who would love to have recurring engagements with your brand. 

The advantage of being a small independent business is that there is a vast number of the coffee-drinking population that would rather have their coffee brewed by a local business than the big players in the coffee industry. 

When you are a small independent business, following the 5 tips we shared with you above will help you achieve more loyal customers that will help improve your business reputation and sales.

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