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My receipts and day totals look fine in the back end but when printed they dont show all the numbers!


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My receipts show everything (price for each item, grand total, amount paid, change in return) online on the loyverse system, but when I print it to my NETUM printer, so far I am only getting the grand total on receipts and NONE of the numbers printed for the shift report. Can anyone help?? I have no idea what is wrong.

shift report.jpg

S receipt.jpg

s receipt 2.jpg

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Hello, when this happened to us we had to change the paper width, to do it we opened printer settings in the Loyverse POS App and chose the smallest PAPER WIDTH, just as in the screenshot below.

paper width.png

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Additionally, to fix an issue with the cutter, please try this workaround:


Please go to the App → Settings → choose your printer, then open Advanced Settings → and in the field 'Cutter ESC/POS Commands', add 0A,0A before existing values. (This will make the printer feed more paper at the end of the receipt)
For example: 
You would have to write 0А,0А,1D,56,42,00



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