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Integration with woosa


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Hello , 

I have some problem about Integrate with woosa. I already send e-mail to woosa but they not reply me .

Now I try to test Integration loyverse with woosa. But I try to Connect APP (woosa) https://loyverse.com/marketplace/woocommerce-woosa this link , but I can not to authorized this point. After click this link to open new page (I already start trail  14 days and login in woosa , complete set up license in my website.

This link https://help.woosa.com/en/articles/57848-how-to-authorize-the-loyverse-plugin explain about connect to APP but now loyverse update that not show and connect as woosa explain.


That still pending about integration between loyverse and woosa . Please help me about this point. 

Thank you very much.




Screenshot 2024-03-23 17.48.33.png

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