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How to show Loyverse CDS on Sunmi D2S built-in customer display screen


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Hi all, I have a Sunmi D2S POS machine that comes with a built-in integrated internal 58mm printer (works fine) and an integrated 10.1" customer screen. It runs on a custom Android system (Sunmi OS). 

I have not been able to get Loyverse CDS working on the customer screen because the entire system, including the customer screen, runs on the same IP address (integrated). I have not been able to get the Loyverse POS app to detect the customer screen using "Search". If I enter the same IP address into the Loyverse POS app and pair it with the Loyverse CDS, it does pair. But I can show either the Loyverse POS app or Loyverse CDS app on both screens but not separately.

The demo Sunmi POS app seems to allow both screens to display separate contents. LithosPOS can also show separate contents.

Is it possible to do so with Loyverse? I hate showing the Loyverse POS app to the customer. Thanks in anticipation.


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Hi @Yasuaki, thank you for the feedback.

Kind of disappointing though... Hopefully Loyverse will be supporting Sunmi more soon, especially such integrated displays because such all-in-one POS machines + Loyverse can be such a good combo for new small business owners who wants hassle free setups.

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intergrated customer displays are still not supported - they just replicated, only independent screens with CDS installed

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