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Support of Built-in LED Customer Screen on Sunmi Devices




In the Loyverse POS app version 2.16 for Android, we have added support for built-in LED customer display for Sunmi models T1 MINI and T2 MINI. 

During the sale, the system displays information about each item (with variant) that is added to the ticket. 


When selecting the payment type, the “Amount Due” is displayed so that the buyer can see how much they need to pay. 
The customer’s display also displays the total paid amount and the amount of change so that the buyer can see the final information on the completed purchase.


Customer display works in different languages. 

Sunmi cash registers are popular among Loyverse POS users. Sunmi produces a variety of cash register devices. They have many components of POS in one body: touch screens, customer screens, printers, scanners, card readers, etc. The equipment works under the Android operating system, and it is easy to install the Loyverse POS app on them and enjoy selling products. However, not all elements work with the app from the box. 

Before, we have announced the integration of Loyverse with built-in receipt printers. If some devices have a built-in camera, you can use it to scan barcodes during the sale.

Also, you can connect an external cash drawer to the Sunmi device (if there is an RJ11 socket). The cash drawer can work with a built-in printer and open the cash drawer in case of cash payments. 

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It would be nice, if you could make integration of work of customer facing big screen on Sunmi T2 device, so that it would show the customer receipts. 

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      I want to buy a "Sunmi T1-mini" POS device. Can I connect barcode scanners to this system? If yes, then what the scanner model?

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