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Is it possible to use a cash drawer trigger instead of a ticket printer to control a cash drawer?

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I am using your POS system and would like to steer a cash drawer without a ticket printer since we don't ned tickets at all.

Still I would like the cash drawer to open automatically when a cash payment is done and stay closed when a Sum Up payment is made.

Therefor I would like to use the Gigatek DT105U RJ12 USB cash drawer trigger.

Product description

Universal cash drawer trigger for cash drawer with RJ-12 connection. With this cash drawer trigger you can directly control the cash drawer and open it electrically without a receipt printer.

The Promag DT105 USB cash drawer trigger acts as a virtual COM port. With the accompanying driver, the cash register trigger can be linked to a COM port and controlled as such from your POS application. The DT105U trigger is powered by the USB port of your computer.

Could you please tell me if this could be use with the standard Loyverse POS application?

Thanks in advance and best regards

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Hello @VanBroeckhoven

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, since we haven't tested that model of cash drawer, we cannot say "Yes" or "No".
I would suggest you test it by yourself and post the result here.
Whether the cash drawer opens or not also depends on which model of printer you are using.

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  • Solution

This problem is solved. One can use a cashdrawer controller from SHENZHEN EASTROYCE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

I use it with a Safescan fliptop cashdrawer in combunation with Loyverse POS. The cahdrawer is getting correct instruction without the need of a ticketprinter.

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