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Tax on bills


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tax problem, we have 3 types of tax, eating in, drinks and take away

eating in 12%, drinks 21%, take away 6% 

when eating in, the tax is always 12% for  food, drinks 21%

when take away, tax is for all 6%

however, when choosen eating in, there is always also 6% printed..

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Kind of the same problem here.  I've set up two tax rates 6 and 21%.
also dine in and takeaway- option.  Dine in is 21%, takeout 6%.

I can choose which option, but on the receipt, the're is still two rates calculated: 6% and 21%
See the attached file.

Schermafbeelding 2023-07-08 om 17.54.53.png

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found it

You have to exclude the tax rate, dan only one will be applied depening on dining option.

for example: coffee has two tax rates : 21 en 6%. 21% for dine in and 6% for takeout.
If I don't exclude, the two rates will be applied like the screenshot above.
In the takeout rate I have to exclude the dine tax rate for coffee.

in the Dine In tax rate - I have to exclude the takeout rate for coffee.

So if you choose Dine In on the receipt, then the takeout rate won't be applied.


Hopefully my explanation is clear? 



Schermafbeelding 2023-07-09 om 22.32.35.png

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