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Any idea how to remove the $ on the printed receipt?

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I do not know what happened but receipts being printed has $ sign on it. I am transacting on a different currency. Previously there were no currency symbols on the receipts. Thanks


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This just happened with me as well and im still trying to figure out the solution. Currency still the same in the back office report, it only changed on the reciept. Earlier it didn't show any currency.

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I have the same issue. I want to remove or change the dollar currency sign on¹ the printed receipts. Can anybody help???


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Hello, dear users

Loyverse has released the currency feature. If you would like to change the currency, please follow this tutorial:

How to Set the Currency

After you change the currency in the back office settings, please SIGN OUT and SIGN IN as explained in this tutorial:

How to Sign out from Loyverse POS

After you sign in again, the correct currency will be shown on your POS device.

If you would like to disable the currency feature for your Loyverse account completely, please write such a request from the owner's email address to help@loyverse.com


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