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Reset Receipt Number


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Good day,

We've been using loyverse from months now and it's working great. However an issue arose a couple days where the receipt numbers are not reverting to the number 1 after the closing of shifts. It went all the way up to 1000 during the course of Monday through Wednesday before reverting back to number 1.

Is there any way to stop this from happening?

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Do you mean the orders numbers?


We have a new logic for the order numbers:

When the order number reaches 999, it starts again from 001.
(Also, you can reset the order numbering manually to 001 by Sign Out of the POS device).

The meaning of the numbers in the order:

50- is the POS number;
001- is the order number;

(This order number is displayed only on paid printed receipt (if the open ticket was not saved), on the KDS, on the printed kitchen order and on the CDS.
So, to see this number, the customer should pay for his order immediately because he will see the order number only on the paid receipt).

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