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Can the item count be added to the receipt?


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Most POS systems print out receipts that shows the count of purchased items.  This is very useful for the cashier to confirm that she didn't miss anything in the shopping cart.  It seems to be a relative easy addition to the receipt.  I humbly ask the Loyverse development team to add the item count to the receipt.

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Hi Georg,

Sorry for not replying sooner to your post on May 10 above.  I do not mean the amounts of the same items.  That is already displayed.  I meant the total number of items in the whole ticket.  In your example receipt above, the total item count for the receipt would be 17.  Can you display this total count on the receipt?  This will help our cashier confirm that she has scanned every item in the customer's shopping cart.  

Thanks and Best Regards,

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